Seven Hugs You Will Encounter This Holiday Season.

Before you get all excited about the turkey and gravy and oh-my-god-mashed-potatoes

Think fast.  The hugs are coming.

Here are some of the hugs you should look out for so that you’re prepared.

There’s The Friendly, All-Well-Meaning Hug…

The Emotional, Well-Meaning Hug…

The They-Need-This-More-Than-You-Do Hug…

The They-Think-You-Need-This-More-Than-They-Do Hug…

The Duck-And-Dodge Hug…

The You-Couldn’t-Duck-And-Dodge Hug…

The Still-Trying-To-Dodge-It Hug…

And thar’s that.  If you get to wherever you’re celebrating the holidays first, get all of the hugging out of the way and sit back.  Watch all of the other hugs go down from the comfort of the couch with a gently poured alcoholic drink.


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