Review: Petco Premium Cat Bungalow

My boyfriend and I adopted a kitten that was abandoned in a barn about six months ago.  This kitten, Mable Bacon, has become crazed with the need to play.   Our solution at first was more toys, more cat games.  After a serious discussion in the cat tree aisle at Petco, we chose The Premium Cat Bungalow.  It was on sale and required assembly.  Its photo on the box had a cat that looked pleased.   It was a chance we had to take.

ImageThis fluffy, orange cat says, “Look at what I have and what you don’t.”

ImageMable was not entirely pleased with her other gift (the sequined collar) but she did look dashing.

startMy boyfriend began assembly and curiosity overwhelmed Mable.

ImageDuring assembly, she “helped” by testing out the posts for bite-ability and scratch-ability.

ImageThe Baconator, as we sometimes call her, tested The Bungalow throughout assembly. I don’t know how else we could have tested it ourselves, so it was nice of her to volunteer.

ImageHere, my boyfriend attaches the last level while Mable watches his footing.

ImageThe Premium Cat Bungalow comes with attachable accessories.  You can attach your cats favorite toys or add the feather hangers wherever you would like for customized play.

ImageThe finished Premium Cat Bungalow (with pleased cat).  We also received a pair of free antlers for Black Friday Shopping at Petco.  She didn’t like them very much so we added them to The Bungalow as another toy.

mableThe end result: A happy family.  Her biting and reckless behavior has toned down.  She gets in a ton of exercise climbing and running up the side of The Bungalow.  Her jumping abilities and confidence has improved drastically overnight.  The assembly was easy and Mable is pleased.

5/5 stars.

Would recommend this product to anyone with a cat.


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