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Five Last-Minute Things To Make Your New Year’s Eve Look

So, you’re looking at the calendar and you realize New Years Eve is coming up… tomorrow.

Or maybe you’re like me and just put everything off until the last minute.  Here are five basic things you’ll want to look for to complete your New Year’s look.

1.) The Smokey Eye

You’ll be able to accomplish this with your current make up situation, if you frequent the Smoked Eye Look.  If not, pick up a small container of Black Eye Shadow.  This will allow you to incorporate any eye shadow color you already have into your Smokey Eye.

Simply apply the Black Eye Shadow along your eye-lid crease and along the line of your eye lid.

2.) Anti-Smudge Spray

Any Anti-Smudge Spray will do the trick.  The idea is that you won’t want to be running into the bathroom every time you feel heated and sweaty.  Simply spray the solution a safe distance away from your face to ensure your hard work and effort isn’t all in vain.

3.) Reasonable Shoes (Or A Spare)

Low Heels are your friend.  Flats are your best friend.  Either will do on a night out but this is New Years Eve.  If you feel like you want to look your absolute best and that you can only do so in heels: bring the flats in a small bag.  

Dr. Scholl’s has a pair of flats in almost every drugstore.  So convenient! 

4.) A Complementary Hair Style To Fit Your Hair’s Natural Texture

Wherever you decide to go out to on this special occasion, you’re going to need to be advised that your hair may work against you.  When choosing a hairstyle, keep in mind that you’re probably going to end up slapping it up in a ponytail or bun.

Consult your hair the day of to really work things out.

5.) A Flattering Dress (Or Outfit)

It does not have to be a dress, though a lot of the female population will be wearing them on this night.  The key to any individual’s fashion: Flatter Your Figure.

Whether you’re wearing a dress, a pantsuit, shorts or anything in-between: Confidence will be key.  You’re only going to be confident if you feel great in what you’re wearing.  And there’s nothing sexier than confidence.

See you all in the New Year!

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Recipe: Egg-less Banana Bread Minis (Bakes In Less Than An Hour!)

bananaI noticed my bananas were going south and I needed to act fast.  What better way to use over-ripened bananas than Banana Bread?  I couldn’t think of any other use, so there.

I used cup cake tins for portion control reasons and easy snacking!  I’m not one to limit myself, but I know I can’t go around woofing down an entire loaf of Banana Bread…  Besides, it’s much cuter to eat an entire muffin tin of Minis!  Right?

This recipe is perfect for when you want some banana bread but you discover you don’t have any eggs… like I did.

What You’ll Need:

4 Super Ripe Decent-Sized Bananas

1 Tbsp. Cinnamon

2 Cups of Flour (Or Flour-Like Substance If You Want To Go Gluten-Free)

1 Generous Cup of Sugar

1 Tbsp. Baking Powder

1/2 Tsp. Salt

1/3 Cup of Milk

1/4 Cup of Veggie Oil

Non-Stick Baking Spray


Muffin Tin(s)

2 Mixing Bowls

Mixing Spoon

Mashing Device (Another Mixing Tool Will Suffice)


Yields: About 12 Mini Banana Breads

The Steps:

Pre-heat your oven to 350 Degrees.

Take your Bananas and mash them in a Mixing Bowl.  Add your Cinnamon.  You’re going to want your Banana Mixture to have an almost golden-yellow color and you’re going to want to be able to smell the Cinnamon.

Mix all of the other ingredients in a separate Mixing Bowl.  We’ll call this the Bread Mixture.  You’ll want all of the ingredients to be nicely dispersed before you throw in your Banana Mixture.  This will allow for a baking-balance amongst the Minis.

Throw your Banana Mixture into your Bread Mixture.  Stir the new concoction until everyone has become friends.

Coat your cupcake tin(s) with the Non-Stick Cooking Spray.  Evenly disperse your Banana Bread Mixture in each tin.  The bread won’t rise too much, so don’t worry about having an overflow situation.  Three-quarters-filled for each Mini will do just fine.

Let your Minis bake for a half hour.  You don’t have to worry about raw eggs killing your entire family with salmonella when eating these muffins.  The Bananas will keep the Minis moist throughout the baking time and will cause no harm if you take them out a little too early.

When the thirty minutes are up, stick a Fork in the center of the muffin tin’s Mini.  If the fork comes out clean, your Banana Minis are done!

Let cool for about 10 minutes and feel free to indulge. 



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Drink How To: Sweet Ice

When you’re on a budget bind and want to seem fancy, mix yourself a special drink I like to call “Sweet Ice.”  When you have a bottle of Vanilla Vodka laying around and you want to get rid of it: this is how to get rid of it.  You know we don’t waste here.

It’s simple, quick, and you’re going to be as surprised how great it tastes.

I know I was pretty surprised when I first made Sweet Ice.

It’s delicious.



Crushed Ice (Pre-crushed or crush it yourself)

Vanilla Vodka


Ginger Ale


Martini Glass

Spare Glasses (for mixing)


Smirnoff Vanilla VodkaSpriteGinger Ale

For this simple drink, pour equal parts of each liquid into a mixing glass.  This can be your average cup you have in your cabinet.  Remember that your measurements don’t really matter because you’re your own bartender.  

Take two of your “mixing glasses” and use them to pour your beverage back and forth.

This will mix your drink without having a carbonated explosion.

Place your crushed ice in your your mixing glasses for a couple of rounds of this mixing game (especially if you are using warm beverages).

Pour the entire contents of your mixing cups into your martini glass.

That’s a Sweet Ice.

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Beyoncé or Pope Francis: A Regretful TIME?

If any of you have been watching the TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year polling, you would have noticed that Miley Cyrus was at a mind-blowing vote-count.  Standing at the top and twerking at the bottom nominee’s names, Cyrus being labeled the Person of the Year would have been the biggest mistake TIME could have ever made.

Cyrus was in the running against the likes of Pope Francis (the winner), Edward Snowden, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, President Barack Obama, and Malala Yousafzai.  According to the Huffington Post UK, some at TIME Magazine are embarrassed that they didn’t have Beyoncé in the running after her secret album’s release.  I honestly hope the comments made by staff were just sick jokes.

In 2013, Beyoncé recorded a secret album, attended lavish events, and celebrated her daughter’s first birthday by gifting Blue Ivy a $80,000 diamond encrusted Barbie.  Jay-Z and Lady B also went all-out with a customized nursery, one that cost a reported $1 million.  You know, things that qualifies a person to be in the running for the Person of the Year (kind of like Miley but without the semi-nude twerking).

In 2013, Pope Francis became the first non-European pope in more than 1,000 years.  He refused the lavish styling of past popes and donned simple garb.  He constantly and consistently spread the message of love and acceptance whenever he spoke.  He inspired everyone and treated men and women equally, regardless of faith.

I thank the powers-that-be for not having Miley win the Person of the Year award.  I am embarrassed for the unnamed staff of TIME for even thinking that Beyoncé should have been in the running.

Here’s to hoping 2014 will be less consumed with pop culture and fame-obsessed celebrities who think publicity stunts will make up for their lack of actual talent.

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The 8 Stages Of Netflix Addiction

For those of you who are contemplating a subscription: Let this be a warning to you.

For those of you who already have a subscription: You know exactly where this is going.

1.) Exploration

You want a new show to get you through your days.  Maybe you’re tired of being left out of the Mad Men discussion or maybe you just want to know what all the fuss is about.  You search around just to see what you can get yourself into.

2.) Discovery

You find out that Netflix has all but the current season online.  What’s the harm in welcoming these characters in your life?  Surely Jim and Pam’s love affair in The Office is something you should have been a part of.

3.) Initiation

You meet everyone on the show.  They guide you into the show’s plot and how their sub-plot fits in.  Certainly Murder House will get you hooked after episode one.  You have to know what happens next!

4.) Binge Watching

This is where the harmless “I have to know what happens next” goes onto “I need to know how it ends.”  It’s a big jump, but it’s an easy one to make.  Orange Is The New Black’s Piper Chapman’s lady jail woes will keep you wanting to know if someone’s “gonna stay and get their a** beat or stay and get their a** beat.


5.) Addiction

You’re a full-blown addict now.  If you chose a show with seven seasons, you might want to cancel those weekend plans that were in the air in the first place.  Your friends will understand.  You need to know if Law & Order: SVU’s Stabler and Benson are going to finally accept that they’re meant to be together.  You need to know.

6.) Acceptance

Weekend plans?  Netflix.  That is your “weekend plans.”  Friends?  Do they want to binge-watch Law & Order: SVU with you?  Fine, you have friends now.

7.) Completion

The show’s over.  It was cancelled and there are no more episodes for you to watch.  Not even a season online in some catacomb of the internet.  Your life is over.

8.) Repetition

If the show is really good, you might just restart your addiction from season one.  Call it a relapse or whatever you want.  You took that chance after you renewed that subscription.



Some of you may  not know this, but I enjoy editing videos in my spare time.

One day, I had a lot of spare time:

I know I posted this a while ago, but there was an error with the Youtube account…

Rihanna’s Right Now featuring David Guetta was remixed by DJ Frust.  I pieced together footage of when my 7-week-old kitten was playing with a rave stick (which she loved) and played the music in the background.

Now before I go, let’s view some Rihanna Cat-Related Photos!