Questions That Arise From Sex and the City Marathons

If you’re ever home with little to do in the afternoon, flip the TV on to the E! Network and you’ll get a nice dose of Sex and the City.

The Ladies Who Lunch Marathon is on every weekday from around 1 -3 p.m. and it’ll suck you into the couch cushions before you realize it.  And before you realize it, you’ll be asking yourself these questions.

Why isn’t your life as great as these single ladies?  Their problems are simple yet complicated…  but still pretty simple.

How can you get Carrie Bradshaw’s fabulous hair?  Every episode it’s new and bold and magnetic.

How can you become that stylish?  EVERY episode: all of them dripping in designer duds and those shoes… OH those shoes!

How did they find each other? Also, where will your Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda be?

Should you start watching The Carrie Diaries?  Maybe that show has the answers…

Then you decide to never watch The Carrie Diaries… because of reasons.

And then the marathon’s over and you re-evaluate your life…  even if you’re just a 20-something living in New Jersey.  Beware.


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