Five Simple Rules To Survive The Company Holiday Party

Being a twenty-something working anywhere during the holiday season means one thing: The Holiday Party.  Actually, make that two things: The Holiday Party and Alcohol.

Follow these rules to make the most of your company-sponsored evening in a Romy and Michele fashion… just because.

1.) Dress Business-Formal, Unless Instructed Otherwise.

There will be that girl who wears the mini dress and platform heels.  Remember, you’re not going to a club with your girlfriends.  These people see you every day and you will regret if any of them see your whoo-ha.

2.) If Your Company Decided To Really Give You All A Treat: Beware The Open Bar.  

One drink is fine.  Two drinks is okay.  Three drinks can get messy if you haven’t eaten all day.

Now is not the time to push your limits.

3.) You Can Dance If You Want To… Only If There Is Music.

If you’re at a Holiday Party that is cranking the tunes and has a wide, open floor plan in the center of the room: They want you to dance.  Kudos to you if you know how to.  If you don’t dance you can go one of two routes: A.) Be that Goofy Dancer or B.) Do that awkward bob and weave that anyone can do.

4.) Now Is Not The Time To Be Honest To Any Coworker.

Maybe she took your parking spot.  Maybe he took that promotion you were gunning for.  Maybe you just don’t like the b****.  Whatever the case is, now is not the time or place.  Make nice with the people you loathe and anyone who knows will think more highly of you.  If you can’t resist, my tip is:

Move it to the parking lot without any witnesses.

5.) Have A Great Time.

By having the best time you could ever possibly have, you’ll have people wanting you to be around more.  If your coworkers see you as someone they want to be friends with outside of the office, the chances are likely that they’ll speak your praises around the water cooler and coffee machine.

From their lips to your boss’ ears.


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