Drink How To: Sweet Ice

When you’re on a budget bind and want to seem fancy, mix yourself a special drink I like to call “Sweet Ice.”  When you have a bottle of Vanilla Vodka laying around and you want to get rid of it: this is how to get rid of it.  You know we don’t waste here.

It’s simple, quick, and you’re going to be as surprised how great it tastes.

I know I was pretty surprised when I first made Sweet Ice.

It’s delicious.



Crushed Ice (Pre-crushed or crush it yourself)

Vanilla Vodka


Ginger Ale


Martini Glass

Spare Glasses (for mixing)


Smirnoff Vanilla VodkaSpriteGinger Ale

For this simple drink, pour equal parts of each liquid into a mixing glass.  This can be your average cup you have in your cabinet.  Remember that your measurements don’t really matter because you’re your own bartender.  

Take two of your “mixing glasses” and use them to pour your beverage back and forth.

This will mix your drink without having a carbonated explosion.

Place your crushed ice in your your mixing glasses for a couple of rounds of this mixing game (especially if you are using warm beverages).

Pour the entire contents of your mixing cups into your martini glass.

That’s a Sweet Ice.

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