As I wait for the AHS Coven Season Finale, I am re-blogging the most bewitching recipe I have ever accomplished: The KFC Bowl (With Bacon). The majority of your ingredients!  *Corn not pictured Boil water for the potatoes! Pan-fry your bacon! Chop your potatoes!!!  Keep the skin on! Boil your potatoes! Smash your chicken!  (With… Continue reading PHOTO HOW TO: KFC BOWL (With Bacon)

TV Review: HBO’s GIRLS S3E4

In this week’s episode of HBO’s Girls, we get more evidence that the female characters are essentially worthless, vapid human voids. Hannah’s editor, David, dies, but her biggest concern is whether or not her e-book will be published.  Someone needs to tell her that she could have self-published her book online already… but then what… Continue reading TV Review: HBO’s GIRLS S3E4

How to: Texas Toast Crouton Mini Meatball Mini Subs!

This is a step-by-step photo and video guide to this super moist mini meatball mini sub. No nonsense, just watch and learn. What you will physically need: Two frying pans. Stove. Sharp knife. Cutting board. Plate. Maybe a fork. Plastic Ziploc bag. Large bowl. Spatula. What you will need to cook everything: Texas Toast Croutons. An onion.… Continue reading How to: Texas Toast Crouton Mini Meatball Mini Subs!

Review: Otto Things on Etsy

If you’re looking for an accessory that’s handmade, unique, and a quality purchase: look no further than Otto Things made by Marion Juszczak. Named after the sassy man-cat who inspects Juszczak’s work, Otto Things dolls out perfectly-stitched, colorful wallets (both large and small) and planners that will set you up to be noticed for your stylish taste.… Continue reading Review: Otto Things on Etsy

Recipe: Banana Crumb Muffins

This recipe will make you feel like a professional baker in under an hour flat.  It will also have your place smelling like a sugary banana bomb went off.  Delicious! This recipe will make 10 muffins!  Feel free to double the ingredients,  I even tripled the amount because I like to live dangerously. What You’ll… Continue reading Recipe: Banana Crumb Muffins

TV Review: HBO’s GIRLS S3E3

Previously on Girls: Hannah complains, Jessa complains, Shoshanna complains, Adam complains, and so does that guy Sosh dated.  What’s his name?  You know, that undecided coffeehouse guy.  Ray.  He certainly complains a lot. This week, we meet Adam’s sister Caroline.  Adam “Addy” wants nothing to do with his hot-mess-of-a-sister.  Caroline’s an unemployed teacher and a Doctor… Continue reading TV Review: HBO’s GIRLS S3E3

Food Review: Tumulty’s Steak and Guinness Stew

Perfection. Just a single word that comes to mind in remembrance of Tumulty’s Steak and Guinness Stew. To begin, the Guinness Stew was served piping hot which was perfect for a late evening dinner after a light flurry of snow.  Regardless of temperature outdoors or on my plate, I dove into the decadence that is this Stew.… Continue reading Food Review: Tumulty’s Steak and Guinness Stew