Food and Drink Review: Destination Dogs, New Brunswick


Tucked behind the Fresh Grocer on Patterson Street, Destination Dogs unites global cuisines under one roof with an all-American staple: The Hot Dog.  Their menu boasts many unexpected takes on the very traditional barbeque item.

You should know that this is not a place where you have to ditch your vegetarian roommate while you make your way down Albany Street.  Destination Dogs is an equal-opportunity eatery.  They have veggie-dogs and sausages that will be more than satisfactory for your veggie-friend.

After seating yourself, you will be served water in a swing-top bottle. The design adds a surprising uniqueness to the eatery before your drink order is even taken.  The friendly staff is well-versed in their menu selections and patient while you decide where your lunch visa will take you.


The most unexpected menu item would have to be their list of homemade sodas.  My favorite was the Apple Cider Cinnamon, but their list goes on to Ginger Pop, Grapefruit, Peach Cilantro, Strawberry-Cucumber-Basil, Concord Grape&Fennel, and Blueberry Lavender.  The Apple Cider Cinnamon was refreshing and had a crisp apple flavor that I could not get enough of.

The ingredients are selected with the menu item’s theme in mind.  I spoke with a first-time patron who had ordered the Achilles Meal.  The Greek inspired dog stars a lamb sausage in Tzaziki sauce with tomato, shredded cabbage, onions. He said, “I never had a lamb sausage before.  It was very delicious, very comforting, and very fresh.”


After you have scanned the menu and settled on your destination dog, your food will be promptly served on parchment-wrapped aluminum trays.  This concept continues the unique design inspiration that was initiated by the swing-top bottled water.


Destination Dogs welcomes all the flavors the city of New Brunswick has under one roof with one commonality across all borders: The Dog.


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