Food Review: Barndoore, New Brunswick, NJ

BARNDOORE is a place that New Brunswickians never knew they were missing.  Surely we had Hansel and Griddle for all of our wrap needs… but Hansel never quite knows how to fill it’s pitas.  It wasn’t until I tried the Buffalo Bleu (I substituted Ranch) Chicken Wrap from Barndoore that I was re-birthed into a new wrap-light.

It’s the Buffalo Sauce that starts the awesomeness that is the Buffalo Chicken Wrap.  It focuses on the spice, the essence, the internal being that is Buffalo Sauce.  It’s more of a vinegar-based drip unlike the overbearing dressing that Hansel serves up on the daily.  The amount of ranch or bleu cheese compliments the hotness and does not drown it out.  There’s a science behind BARNDOORE’s cooking and everyone should take notice.

BARNDOORE also gives you a hearty serving of chicken with the right amount of lettuce that will confirm you ordered a wrap and not a salad (sorry, Hansel).  And the serving generosity continues onto the other food items.  You’ll be more than satisfied after one sitting at this place. 

At BARNDOORE, there’s more than just the wraps.  I’ve sampled the Chili (to die for) and the Spicy Thai Chicken Salad (to kill for).  You can bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to keep coming back to explore this menu until I’ve had every last item.  (The same mentality I have with Blitzburger.)

I haven’t even mentioned their “Liberty Chips.”   These chips are homemade, seasoned potato chips that come with the wraps.  They’re the cherry on top of an already perfect meal.

And those pickles are CRISPY PERFECTION.

Every ingredient on every plate is fresh and plentiful. They have some kind of insider trading going on with the local growers.  The company site boasts that the sources of the ingredients are, “Local Bakers, Farmers, Purveyors, Ice Cream Makers and Coffee Roasters.”  This means they’re not messing around with back-door deals between shady food distributors.  This restaurant hand-picks seasonal items and makes one hell of a menu out of them.  It’s about honesty and deliciousness.

Did I mention it’s open everyday until 1 a.m.?  FYI, it’s located on Easton Avenue next to the Subway and is directly across from Hidden Grounds.

BARNDOORE is a New Brunswickian foodie’s dream come true.


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