TV Review: HBO’s GIRLS Season 3 Premiere

The much-anticipated Season 3 Premiere of HBO’s GIRLS arrived on Sunday night.  The episode opens the way every past season has opened: Hannah in bed with someone.  First it was Marnie, then Sandy, and now Adam.

In case you forgot: Heeeere’s Sandy!

I must admit I am disappointed in how the characters have developed (or not developed).  Jessa’s in rehab to get some bribed money from her Grandma, Marnie is no longer with Charlie, Soshanna continues to be the background cast member with essentially zero brain waves stemming from her thick skull… and Hannah is surprisingly less nude than I anticipated.  Cheers.

I don’t know what I expected.  I perceived this season opener as a bit of a flop- a let down.  How much further are we going to explore Jessa’s obliviousness about her obvious “Daddy Issues?”  How many more segments are we going to watch with Hannah explaining she is a writer?  How much longer with the Charlie Babbles continue sputtering from Marnie’s whiny mouth?  Will Soshanna get a brain with that college diploma?  Or will everyone have to make another road trip to see the Wizard?

I guess we should stay tuned for the next episode.  I mean why not?  The show airs every Sunday night and I surely don’t have anything better to do.


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