Food Review: Tumulty’s Steak and Guinness Stew


Perfection. Just a single word that comes to mind in remembrance of Tumulty’s Steak and Guinness Stew.

To begin, the Guinness Stew was served piping hot which was perfect for a late evening dinner after a light flurry of snow.  Regardless of temperature outdoors or on my plate, I dove into the decadence that is this Stew.  The correct amount of steak complimented the root veggies tremendously.  Everything was so tender that all I needed was my spoon to aid in my devouring of this meal.

And that SAUCE.  That Gravy.  That Meaty Juice.  

Oh, my.

It was a gift simply to be able to smell the heavenly scents that radiated off my plate.  I had to sit back every now-and-again just to waft in all the goodness throughout my dining experience.  The aroma coming off this stew was extremely comforting and exquisitely humbling.

This was everything I could ever want in a stew.

Let’s not forget to mention the bread.

The bread alone was unforgettable.  Tumulty’s serves up the impeccable blend of garlic and butter upon lightly toasted bread.  Though the bread would have been the ideal tool for sopping up the savory sauce, I ate the majority of the toasty goodness before I saw the bottom of the dish.

If you ever find yourself in New Brunswick, New Jersey and you’re looking for a little piece of love in the form of a meal: look no further than Tumulty’s Steak and Guinness Stew.


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