TV Review: HBO’s GIRLS S3E3

Previously on Girls: Hannah complains, Jessa complains, Shoshanna complains, Adam complains, and so does that guy Sosh dated.  What’s his name?  You know, that undecided coffeehouse guy.  Ray.  He certainly complains a lot.

This week, we meet Adam’s sister Caroline.  Adam “Addy” wants nothing to do with his hot-mess-of-a-sister.  Caroline’s an unemployed teacher and a Doctor Kevorkian in-training.  Adam says Caroline doesn’t give the people around her the courtesy of self-imploding and instead she takes everyone down with her.

So, who wouldn’t want to have her over for an undisclosed amount of time?

Marnie binge watched a bunch of 90’s music videos and then she and Elijah made one of her own- complete with PowerPoint slideshow transitions.  Cool.

No matter what, Hannah never fails to make everything about her (even staring at Caroline’s bruised/abused body).  But it’s okay because this episode is Hannah’s birthday.  How great for her!

As per usual, Marnie’s mouth is still laced with talk of Charlie while the girl gang re-watches the music video the two of them collaborated on at the part.  You know, the really good one I mentioned earlier.

If only someone would sew her mouth shut.

This episode is another shining example of how Shoshanna still would be a better asset to the team if she smoked crack again.  The Shosh the ‘Ho story-line is still just no, no, no.

No matter what happens during the episode, all I can think about is how happy Hannah probably is because everyone’s in one place just to celebrate her existence.

Then Marnie takes the stage.

Then Marnie takes the stage.

Then Marnie takes the stage.

Predictable, yes.  She did the same at Charlie’s company party.  So, why not.

And then Adam gifts Hannah a tooth necklace.

His tooth to wear around her neck.

Best Line:And now I have grown weary of you.”

Second Best Line:Why did I even join the Teacher’s Union?

Worst Line:Do you still want to have sex?

End Scene.

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