TV Review: HBO’s GIRLS S3E4

In this week’s episode of HBO’s Girls, we get more evidence that the female characters are essentially worthless, vapid human voids.

Hannah’s editor, David, dies, but her biggest concern is whether or not her e-book will be published.  Someone needs to tell her that she could have self-published her book online already… but then what would she be able to complain about in the next episode?

Marnie quits her job at the coffee shop… her only visible source of income.  I’m sure that strategy will get her far.  Props to her fitness regimen, though.

Soshannah is relatively mute this episode.  I’m not entirely sure if that is an improvement.  I guess it is only reasonable that her plots develops as slowly as the molasses river on which her brain cells float around on.

Jessa is offended her friend Season faked her own death in order to get away from Jessa’s crazy, drug-infused antics. Season even sent an invitation and Jessa didn’t even show.  A little much, but Jessa was probably more offended that someone abandoned her before she skipped town on them first.  

The next episode has David’s wake and Hannah’s e-book cancellation, according to the preview.  Let’s hope the deaths of David and the e-book bring to life some kind of humanistic emotion in ANY of these characters.

Please, Lena Dunham.  Please.

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