Biggest Loser Rachel Frederickson Too Thin?

I’m not an avid follower of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, but when I heard the dramatic weight loss of contestant Rachel Frederickson I immediately thought, “How much did she lose?

Initially weighing in for the show at 260 lbs, Frederickson stepped on the scale during the season finale and delivered a weight loss of 155 lbs… making her current weight at 105 lbs.

She lost a Me-after-a-5-McDouble-feast-in-wet-clothes-holding-my-cat–and-my-psychology-textbook.

I cannot imagine the differences she must be seeing in her life, but I can’t help but question her response in an E News Interview about her weight loss.  “I feel amazing.  I feel truly alive.  Just transformed,” Frederickson said.  “Before I could only wear what fit.  Now, I’m finding a whole new style.  It’s really fun.”

Great.  She has found her confidence and she loves how she looks now.  What is alarming to me is that glow in her eyes when she says “style.”

My question is: Is it health that she has achieved or is it the perfect sample size for clothing?  

Let’s hope she lost the weight in a healthy way and that she will do what will make her happiest.  Reality television has enough skeletons in its closet already.


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