TV Review: HBO’s GIRLS S3E7

In this week’s episode, Marnie plans an “adult” Summer vacation for the girls to “heal.”  Obviously things don’t go according to plan, but Shoshannah grows a spine!

The episode kicks off with Marnie doing a little flower arranging in a beach house and then follows her as she places name cards on each of the beds for each of the girls.

Very Martha Stewart of her.

The other three girls arrive via bus and Jessa makes friends with a nice, elderly couple.  Marnie picks them up (sans the old people) and off they go for some time-slotted-by-Marnie fun in the sun.

The problem with this little vacation is that the girls have been boiling over with angst towards each other.  Unfortunately, all of them are too self-absorbed to vocalize and express their emotions.

On a trip into the beach town for some groceries, Hannah runs into Elijah and they reconnect their friendship.  Hannah invites him and his friends to the beach house to lighten up the mood.  One of the friends is involved in musical theater and eventually instructs a major dance routine for the gang to perform.

Marnie’s control-twitches start to overload and she becomes the metaphorical emotional-snap-bomb to watch out for.  The group of Gays and Gals begin to heavily drink and start to bond over the things drunks bond over: resemblances, reminiscing, drinking, fun, and food.

Jessa’s sobriety since rehab has stayed strong, but you can tell her promiscuous tendencies are about to emerge as she hits on one of Elijah’s gay friends in the middle of a naked pool swim session.

After dinner, the group performs the dance routine they have been rehearsing all day.  Marnie pushes for perfection and then Hannah snaps at her for her perfectionist ways.

This confrontation then spreads to the rest of the group and Shoshannah ends up calling out all of the girls’ bullsh*t: Jessa’s newly found enlightenment from rehab; Hannah’s self-obsessive, egotistical, and narcissistic focuses; Marnie’s American Psycho ways.

Kudos, Shosh.

The night ends and a new day begins with everyone in silence over what happened the drunken night before.  On the wait for the bus, the girls continue to practice their dance routine like everything will sort itself out.

Here’s to that strategy.

Because that always works out for the best.

My only criticism is that I want Shosh to find out about Ray and Marnie.  This would have been the perfect time for Shosh to use her kickboxing moves again.

Maybe next week.


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