Drink Review: Crane Lake, Cabernet Sauvignon

If you’re tired of Sutter Home, Carlo Rossi, and Yellow Tail: Crane Lake will have you feeling sophisticated because you stepped away from the norm.

Crane Lake, the very name, gives you the imagery of a soothing, swan populated lake on a Spring day:  A sudden glimpse of the majestic bird through the trees on the river bank, the sudden heat of the Summer to come, and the allure of what the day (or night) ahead has in store for you.

This Cabernet Sauvignon will give you the love affair without the impending doom of heartbreak.  Certainly, the bottom of the bottle has its own despair and enlightenment.  However, the wine gives you a glimpse into the happiness that is the serendipity of life.  The win gives you a warmth and joy that only a great, cheap wine can possess.

No story, no word can describe how great a great, cheap wine is for an of-age, collegiate wine drinker.  This wine will bring you fulfillment and satisfaction for reasons of taste and for reasons of frugality.

One thought on “Drink Review: Crane Lake, Cabernet Sauvignon

  1. Just tried this stuff tonight. Have been sober for a while and I’m trying to study for a crazy week of classes (multiple tests and quizez). As my mind raced in our campus library thinking about the long night of studying ahead, I just had this urge for a healthier option (which is why I quit a few weeks ago) of drink rather than my usual four loko or 40 of bud. I came across a bottle of crane lake cabernet at 711 for 4.49. What a nice red this is. Beautiful red color, subtle flavor, and a great buzz for the dollar. My mother is in the wine industry in Woodinville, WA. the wine capital of the northwest. So I know my wines very well. This stuff is really good. I’d highly recommend.

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