TV Review: HBO’s GIRLS S3E8

This week: Hannah realizes that having a “real person” job can do wonders for your bank account and wardrobe, Ray breaks up with Marnie, Adam gets cast on Broadway, and Jessa falls off the wagon.

Hannah’s story-line has toned down these past few episodes and she is coming into adulthood, slowly but surely.  Her insecurities about Adam chasing his dreams makes her wonder if he’s going to stick around while she figures out hers again.  Surprise.

Marnie’s still bumbling about and working at whatever part-time, food-service job she can get her hands on.  She’s been using Ray as an emotional/physical relationship crutch, but this week he decides that wasting his time with her really isn’t going anywhere.  He dumps her and Marnie has to re-evaluate her life yet again.  Surprise.

Jessa’s rehab friend/father-figure, Jasper, has hunt her down to get her back into living her “life.”  By living life, I mean getting back into doing coke binges and running around town just for the hell of it all.  The two of them steal money from the baby boutique that Jessa’s been holding down a job at… and she was doing so well… Surprise.

Shoshannah goes back to her background noise role in the show, just like the weird, trendy ottoman that she is.  No surprise there.

I don’t know what to expect for next week’s episode.  I just want to know how Shoshannah’s going to find out about Marnie and Ray.  Shosh snapped at the beach house last week over the girls being their vapid, self-absorbed selves but I feel like Marnie sleeping with Ray will light a spark in her again.

Though Adam tells Hannah’s dying grandmother the two of them are getting married…

Check out the preview below:


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