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Bonobos “Daily Grind” Giveaway!

Bonobos "The Grind" Giveaway

Bonobos “The Grind” Giveaway

The men’s fashion brand Bonobos is giving away over $1,500 worth of clothing.  Simply by entering your email address, you can enter to win a work wardrobe upgrade.  The grand prize will consist of Foundation Suit, five Weekday Warrior pants, and five Daily Grind dress shirts.  Enter now, as the contest ends on May 5!  If you’re graduating this Spring and stepping into the work force, there’s no better way to put your best foot forward than a win like this. 

Visit to get a glimpse into your fashion potential.

Bonobos focuses on delivering a world-class fit with an energetic spirit behind its clothing designs.  The brand is a fit for the young professional who wants to stand out from the overflowing crowd of fellow graduates, a.k.a. your competition.

Your resume might be killer but if you’re not dressed to kill, you’re going to fall flat.  Human Resources representatives will all say the same thing: Wear a suit to your interview.  Whether you’re interviewing for a conservative, creative, or service job, the right suit will set you up for success.  Bonobos has your expected power suits while also having the creative-friendly suit hues that will add a splash of color at your day in the office.

Bonobos was named “One of America’s Hottest Brands” by Advertising Age, “Best Men’s Pants” by New York Magazine, one of Inc. Magazine’s “20 Awesome Facebook Pages” and was awarded Crain’s “Best Places to Work in New York City”. 

If you need more convincing, check out how fresh these men look:

The Week Day Warrior.

The Week Day Warrior.

Bonobos The Foundation Slim: Blue Micro-Stripe

Bonobos The Foundation Slim: Blue Micro-Stripe

Bonobos Daily Grind, Semi-Spread Collar: Red Classic Tattersall

Bonobos Daily Grind, Semi-Spread Collar: Red Classic Tattersall;  Knit Necktie in Blue & Red Stripe


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My Shameless Obsession: My Cat

At work the other day, I was in an elevator talking about the television shows I watch with a coworker.  Another woman was standing with us and it was said that we talk a lot about the shows we watch.  This realization prompted the woman standing along side us in the elevator said, “Well, wait until you have kids.”

My coworker and I reached our floor, we stepped out, and as the elevator doors closed we looked at each other and said, “Are you kidding me?”  To my coworker, it was a comment she hears all too often in her job which is mainly with the married-with-children type.

The woman’s comment outraged my coworker because she hears the same comments about her age and marital status (and child-less status) all the time.

The woman’s comment outraged me because she didn’t even hear me begin to talk about my cat. Her name is Mable, but I also call her Bacon because “Mable Bacon.”

I have one thing to say to you, lady: Nothing compares to my cat obsession.

My Instagram account right now:

#100DaysofHappy?  No.  #100DaysofMable. mylifeMy Twitter account right now: twitter   My Facebook account right now:

Yes, I censored my friends in my photo.

Yes, I took an inspirational quote and made slapped it on a photo of Mable.

Yes, I know how great it looks. facebookThe worst part about being obsessed with my cat is that she doesn’t know or she doesn’t care or she does know and doesn’t care.

But do I care?  No.  I’m too busy obsessing over my cat.