Facebook Sold My Dead Friend’s Page

This was Stephen.

2015-03-28 21.14.26

Stephen died and his profile became a memorial where his friends could stop by and be reminded of him. The way his face looked, what he enjoyed most, and revisit his thoughts through his old posts.

If the saying “Time heals all wounds” is true, I can say from experience that this is only because we forget with time. Memories fade, details of stories become faded and blended, and those friends who died too young are frozen in time.

That’s what makes what happened to Stephen’s profile disturbing.

Facebook took his page and converted it into advertising space.

2015-03-28 21.47.59

Then the company that took the page over TAGGED HIS FRIENDS in a coupon.

Complaints have been made through Facebook and the company has been reached out to by those very friends without any changes to the page.

2015-03-28 21.44.10

I’m writing this story not because I was close to Stephen. I met him because he was my friend’s roommate and I never got the opportunity to get to know him.

Now that he’s gone, I never will have the chance and I know I missed out.


The reason why I’m writing this story because this is an inconceivable action that Facebook has taken: flipping pages of the dead into ad space.

And that makes me want to vomit.


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