In Review: Stage House Tavern’s French Onion Soup

There are two staples in my restaurant ordering book: Bloody Mary’s and French Onion Soup.  I order these two items every where I go.  Therefore, I have a “very particular set of skills.”  Included in my skill set is knowing how to spot an excellent crock of French Onion Soup when I see it.

Therefore I can say with great certainty: Stage House Tavern as the second best French Onion Soup in the state of New Jersey.

Some of you may take that as an insult.

Some of you may take that lightly.

Some of you wouldn’t know a good crock of French Onion Soup if it bit you on the butt.

Located in Somerset, New Jersey, Stage House Tavern might throw you in the opposite direction if you’re averse to chain restaurants.  In its defense, there are only three locations in this single state.  You would be doing yourself a disservice to cast it aside for that reason alone.

The French Onion Soup they are serving up comes in the traditional crock.  The blend of melted cheeses bubbles over the side of the bowl while the broth attempts to stage an uprising on the toast.  The stock is a rich golden color with a thickness above a traditional soup.  The taste is a bold onion flavor with a complimentary hint of garlic.  What sets it aside from all the hundreds of crocks I’ve dipped my spoon in is the topping: fried onions.

It’s love at first sight.

Do yourself a favor and stop by the Tavern if only for the soup.

Think you’ve had better?  Let me know your recommendations in the comment section below.


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