Beauty, Fashion, Life Clearance Items! always has a clearance sale going on and this month, I finally decided to indulge.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I haven’t purchased anything “fabulous” since the Summer.  This recent sale was the push that I needed to finally loosen my grip on my wallet… and boy was I glad.

For less than $70.00, I got these closed-toe, ankle-wrap heels:


Brigitte –

This I’m-About-To-Do-Business Bag:


Capital –

And this cross-body clutch that just might fit my Samsung Galaxy s4:


Glimmer –

For less than $25.00 each, these items are a steal.  If you haven’t signed up for yet, the deals you can get for these quality items are extremely reasonable.

And if you feel you aren’t the most stylish, the company gives you a stylist to help you out.  Simply pick out what  your preferences are for a color palette and sizes and BAM.  You just got your dose of fabulous.

I cannot wait for these packages in the mail.  If only JustFab partnered with Amazon and borrowed those drones!

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Product Review: Maybelline Tinted Baby Lips, Cherry Me

I was in RiteAid and I wanted to try out some new products.  Marching back and forth the make-up aisle, I found the Maybelline Tinted Baby Lips collection on a bottom shelf covered by a “Buy One Get One 50% Off” sign.

I took that sign as a sign and made my purchase.  I was tired of the ranting and raving over an infant-named beauty product.  I had to know what all the fuss was about.

Baby Lips®

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me.

This lip balm gives my lips a sweet, red tint and has a fruity scent.  The package is smaller than what I expected from the commercial.  I have small hands, so there is no excuse for this false advertising impression.  However, I am happy that I don’t have a chunky lip moisturizer.

Maybelline boasts, “Our exclusive formula moisturizes lips for a full 8 hours.  Lips renewed in 1 week.”  We will see, Maybelline.  We will see.

I would recommend this product to anyone who also is looking for a tinted chap-stick and Burt’s Bees is out of stock.


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Phone App to Download: Wish

Cover art

Did you ever wish eBay gave you coupons and alerts for items that you’ve had your sights on?

Did you ever wish the items in your eBay cart were magically between $10-15?

Why haven’t you downloaded Wish yet?

An Android App, Wish caters to both men and women with a stylish and trendy eye.

Wish - Shopping Made Fun - screenshot

The Wish App sends you updates directly to your phone for when new items go on sale.  The App says, “Start your Wishlists and get special offers and gift cards for items you like directly from merchants and brands.”

What’s not to like?  Sales, easy access, and gorgeous fashion items?

Only word of advice: Be sure to keep an eye out on the sizes.

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Biggest Loser Rachel Frederickson Too Thin?

I’m not an avid follower of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, but when I heard the dramatic weight loss of contestant Rachel Frederickson I immediately thought, “How much did she lose?

Initially weighing in for the show at 260 lbs, Frederickson stepped on the scale during the season finale and delivered a weight loss of 155 lbs… making her current weight at 105 lbs.

She lost a Me-after-a-5-McDouble-feast-in-wet-clothes-holding-my-cat–and-my-psychology-textbook.

I cannot imagine the differences she must be seeing in her life, but I can’t help but question her response in an E News Interview about her weight loss.  “I feel amazing.  I feel truly alive.  Just transformed,” Frederickson said.  “Before I could only wear what fit.  Now, I’m finding a whole new style.  It’s really fun.”

Great.  She has found her confidence and she loves how she looks now.  What is alarming to me is that glow in her eyes when she says “style.”

My question is: Is it health that she has achieved or is it the perfect sample size for clothing?  

Let’s hope she lost the weight in a healthy way and that she will do what will make her happiest.  Reality television has enough skeletons in its closet already.

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Five Last-Minute Things To Make Your New Year’s Eve Look

So, you’re looking at the calendar and you realize New Years Eve is coming up… tomorrow.

Or maybe you’re like me and just put everything off until the last minute.  Here are five basic things you’ll want to look for to complete your New Year’s look.

1.) The Smokey Eye

You’ll be able to accomplish this with your current make up situation, if you frequent the Smoked Eye Look.  If not, pick up a small container of Black Eye Shadow.  This will allow you to incorporate any eye shadow color you already have into your Smokey Eye.

Simply apply the Black Eye Shadow along your eye-lid crease and along the line of your eye lid.

2.) Anti-Smudge Spray

Any Anti-Smudge Spray will do the trick.  The idea is that you won’t want to be running into the bathroom every time you feel heated and sweaty.  Simply spray the solution a safe distance away from your face to ensure your hard work and effort isn’t all in vain.

3.) Reasonable Shoes (Or A Spare)

Low Heels are your friend.  Flats are your best friend.  Either will do on a night out but this is New Years Eve.  If you feel like you want to look your absolute best and that you can only do so in heels: bring the flats in a small bag.  

Dr. Scholl’s has a pair of flats in almost every drugstore.  So convenient! 

4.) A Complementary Hair Style To Fit Your Hair’s Natural Texture

Wherever you decide to go out to on this special occasion, you’re going to need to be advised that your hair may work against you.  When choosing a hairstyle, keep in mind that you’re probably going to end up slapping it up in a ponytail or bun.

Consult your hair the day of to really work things out.

5.) A Flattering Dress (Or Outfit)

It does not have to be a dress, though a lot of the female population will be wearing them on this night.  The key to any individual’s fashion: Flatter Your Figure.

Whether you’re wearing a dress, a pantsuit, shorts or anything in-between: Confidence will be key.  You’re only going to be confident if you feel great in what you’re wearing.  And there’s nothing sexier than confidence.

See you all in the New Year!

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How To: Red Glitter Nails (On a Budget)


Last night, before a 10:30 p.m. fire drill in my apartment complex, I gave myself a glittering manicure.  While climbing down the fire escape stairs, I decided I deserved some Korean BBQ tacos.  Because of reasons.

I ordered everything spicy, of course, and when I handed over my debit card the cashier said, “Whoa!  I love your nails.  Are they Stella?”  And that’s when it hit me.

That’s a $14.00 nail polish and I got this using two layered polishes I had lying around my bathroom cupboard.

What you’ll need:

Dark Purple Nail Polish


Red Glitter Nail Polish (Or even Red Glitter will do)


Clear Top Coat Nail Polish (Especially if you do choose to use actual red glitter)

*Note: Use what you have, unless you don’t have these colors or just want an excuse to buy some new shades.

Step 1: Clean and File

Make sure your nails are clean and dry.  This will help your nail color stick to your nails.

You can file your nails with a curve/rounded-edged or straight-edged.  I’ve gotten really into the straight-edged look, but you can choose whichever you prefer.

Step 2: Base Layer, Dark Purple

If you are using a cheaper brand, you’ll want to use a solid base coat of your preferred “Base-Coat” nail polish.  I tend to use a nail hardening Base-Coat because my nails are always ripping and ruining my day.

If you trust your Dark Purple, apply a couple coats right away and let them dry.  It is essential that they are dry before applying your Red Glitter Nail Polish because the purple will stain your brush and Red Glitter Nail Polish.

Note: If you are using Red Glitter, apply the desired amount to each purple nail while they are still wet.  You can use more glitter to make a more bold look or less glitter for a subtle shine.

Step 3: Red Glitter Polish

Apply your Red Glitter Polish.  You can add as much as you would like.  It really depends on how well the glitter stands against your Dark Purple.  Again, use a lot of the Red Glitter Polish for a dazzling look or less glitter for a bit of a more demure, eye-catching shimmer.

Step 4: Clear Top Coat

After your Red Glitter settles or your Red Glitter Polish dries, add your Top Coat.  This will keep your manicure safe and cut down the likelihood of chip-tastrophes.

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Five Instagramers To Follow

I often find myself killing time on the train by looking through my Instagram Feed.  I often find myself suggesting “Follows” to my friends.  Since I also often find myself telling you ladies and gentlemen what to look out for… Here are five Instagramers to follow!

1.) Me.


If you want a heads up on what I’ll be writing about, some cat photos, or pictures of food and drinks…  My contribution to Instagram is 100% all of that.  You won’t find a “Sexy Selfie” posted by me but you just might see a beard that I made for myself out of my own hair… @caseythere.

2.) The Style Addict


Thestyleaddict often posts some killer manicures and great hair-DO’s.  They post the occasional, super-cute kitten/puppy picture and let’s face it: that’s not tuning anyone out.  Follow this account for some nail inspiration or just some stylish tips to stumble upon throughout your Instagram browse-sesh.  @thestyleaddict

3.) I Am The Great Went


If you enjoy cat photos, you’ll enjoy iamthegreatwent.  Cat photos upon cat photos.  I can’t get enough and if you’re the same: Follow iamthegreatwent.  Enough said.  @iamthegreatwent

4.) Fashion By Angie


I don’t know who this person is.  I don’t know where they came from.  All I can say is I am obsessed with their styling.  All of their combinations get an instant “♥” and I have no regrets about it.  There is an art in layering and they have mastered it.  And D*MN, make me want boots more.  Jesus.  @fashionbyangie

5.) Instabraid


I love creativity and instabraid is all about that business.  If you enjoy braiding as a craft, this user will show you things you never saw before.  They have opened Pandora’s Box and everything’s turning up braided.  I love everything they post… not because I necessarily want to try it but because I admire it.  @instabraid