Animal Lovers: Instagramers to Follow

Here’s a brief list of Instagramers who will populate your Instagram feed with daily photos of some favorite-worthy photos.  These furry friends will surely brighten your day while you’re mobile. dailypuppy The dailypuppy posts the cutest puppies every day.  Just check out those French Bulldog puppies! jmarcoz This user focuses on French and English bulldogs.… Continue reading Animal Lovers: Instagramers to Follow

Biggest Loser Rachel Frederickson Too Thin?

I’m not an avid follower of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, but when I heard the dramatic weight loss of contestant Rachel Frederickson I immediately thought, “How much did she lose?” Initially weighing in for the show at 260 lbs, Frederickson stepped on the scale during the season finale and delivered a weight loss of 155 lbs… making her… Continue reading Biggest Loser Rachel Frederickson Too Thin?

Happy Birthday, Bob Barker!

Today is the legendary Bob Barker‘s birthday.  Here are 5 things you may not know about the Price is Right Connoisseur. 1.) The dude is 90 years old.  That’s older than everyone’s age in my apartment combined. 2.) He made a guest appearance in Happy Gilmore and had one of the most epic fights scenes.… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Bob Barker!

How To: Avoid Textual Drama

We’ve all been there.  You’re not feeling the friendliest of vibes from a certain someone when our phone gets those negative vibrations of a text.  It’s the start of an all-too-familiar form of a modern duel: The Text Fight. To avoid all of the drama, there’s one simple trick that will save you the hours… Continue reading How To: Avoid Textual Drama

Final Survival: Hotties Who Wish You The Best

Prepping for final exams can be tough.  Here are a few Hollywood hunks who want you to do better for yourself.  They’re encouraging you to do great things. They want you to score high on that multiple choice and fill in the blank.   They want you to own that presentation.  They want you to… Continue reading Final Survival: Hotties Who Wish You The Best

Banging Around the Issue: Are Bangs For You?

Thinking about bangs?  I’m guilty of sitting on the fence about the hair-chopping commitment.  I’ve had bangs and grown them out and had them again.  The look is great for the winter season and anyone can work them.  It’s all  just a matter of finding the perfect style for your face frame. Here are some high-profile… Continue reading Banging Around the Issue: Are Bangs For You?

Female Celebrity Look-A-Likes

Many claim they have a likeness to a celebrity but often bare only a slight resemblance.  What’s more interesting are celebrities that look like other celebrities! Intense Female Character Role-ers Natalie Portman – Keira Knightly – Winona Ryder I have always thought these three actresses looked similar.  I first compared Keria and Winona together.  Slowly… Continue reading Female Celebrity Look-A-Likes