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Animal Lovers: Instagramers to Follow

Here’s a brief list of Instagramers who will populate your Instagram feed with daily photos of some favorite-worthy photos.  These furry friends will surely brighten your day while you’re mobile.


The dailypuppy posts the cutest puppies every day.  Just check out those French Bulldog puppies!dailypuppy


This user focuses on French and English bulldogs.  Some of my favorite!



This Puggle poster have a “puggle problem.”  If you enjoy the Puggle breed of dog, hit Follow!



This Instagramer has a Scottish Fold cat.  His name is Shishi-maru and he will put a smile on your face when you’re browsing through your feed.


A classic favorite:


Here is a cat that needs no introduction.  With almost a half-million followers, this cat is Internet-famous.


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Biggest Loser Rachel Frederickson Too Thin?

I’m not an avid follower of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, but when I heard the dramatic weight loss of contestant Rachel Frederickson I immediately thought, “How much did she lose?

Initially weighing in for the show at 260 lbs, Frederickson stepped on the scale during the season finale and delivered a weight loss of 155 lbs… making her current weight at 105 lbs.

She lost a Me-after-a-5-McDouble-feast-in-wet-clothes-holding-my-cat–and-my-psychology-textbook.

I cannot imagine the differences she must be seeing in her life, but I can’t help but question her response in an E News Interview about her weight loss.  “I feel amazing.  I feel truly alive.  Just transformed,” Frederickson said.  “Before I could only wear what fit.  Now, I’m finding a whole new style.  It’s really fun.”

Great.  She has found her confidence and she loves how she looks now.  What is alarming to me is that glow in her eyes when she says “style.”

My question is: Is it health that she has achieved or is it the perfect sample size for clothing?  

Let’s hope she lost the weight in a healthy way and that she will do what will make her happiest.  Reality television has enough skeletons in its closet already.

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Happy Birthday, Bob Barker!

Today is the legendary Bob Barker‘s birthday.  Here are 5 things you may not know about the Price is Right Connoisseur.

1.) The dude is 90 years old.  That’s older than everyone’s age in my apartment combined.

2.) He made a guest appearance in Happy Gilmore and had one of the most epic fights scenes.

See the full fight scene below:

3.)The first episode of The Price is Right aired on November 26, 1956.  Just look at that handsome devil.

Check out the very first episode opening!

4.) He has a B.A. in Economics.  So he definitely knows if the price is right.

5.) He learned Karate from the infamous Chuck Norris.

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How To: Avoid Textual Drama

We’ve all been there.  You’re not feeling the friendliest of vibes from a certain someone when our phone gets those negative vibrations of a text.  It’s the start of an all-too-familiar form of a modern duel: The Text Fight.

To avoid all of the drama, there’s one simple trick that will save you the hours of 3-page texts back and fourth that results in the end of a friendship, relationship, or even roommate-ship…

Pick up your phone.  Call him or her.  Use your Anytime Minutes.

Though it might be hard to hear, you should listen.

You might just hear something you didn’t know about before.

Then you can talk.

More than likely, your friend or SO or roommate might just be feeling like this:

And it’s just easier for them to hide behind texts than to actually share their feelings.

Nine times out of ten, your phone conversation will end like this:

For that one time out of ten, you can simply speak your piece and press that End Button.

But if you’re feeling more like this when it comes to phone calls:

Then you deserve to lose that friend, SO, or roommate.

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Final Survival: Hotties Who Wish You The Best

Prepping for final exams can be tough.  Here are a few Hollywood hunks who want you to do better for yourself.  They’re encouraging you to do great things.

They want you to score high on that multiple choice and fill in the blank.  

They want you to own that presentation. 

They want you to put that project to shame.  

Study hard while you check out these hard bodies for scholarly encouragement.

Ryan Gosling thinks you should reward yourself for all your work… after all of your hard work



Ryan Reynolds thinks you look great with that messy bun on your head, coffee-stained shirt, and those dirty sweatpants that you’re not washing for superstitious reasons.


Channing Tatum will wait while you study your brain tired.  He’s not going anywhere.  He just wants you to do well on your exams.


Robert Downey Jr. knows you’ve been working hard and he knows it’s all going to pay off.  He’s right by your side while you get everything right on that test.


Bradley Cooper will save himself  for you until ace that final.  It’s all about delayed gratification.


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Banging Around the Issue: Are Bangs For You?

Thinking about bangs?  I’m guilty of sitting on the fence about the hair-chopping commitment.  I’ve had bangs and grown them out and had them again.  The look is great for the winter season and anyone can work them.  It’s all  just a matter of finding the perfect style for your face frame.

Here are some high-profile “bangers” that will help you get off that fence and possibly push you to have that “cutting-edge.”

Anna Wintour


It’s extremely difficult to find a photo of this fashion icon without her brow hidden behind her perfectly-golden and cropped hair.  Below are the only two photos that expose only an inch of her forehead!

AnnawobWintor in her twentiesWintor with an inch!

Zooey Deschanel


Zooey with her bangs is easily recognized.  On a binge-watching marathon of New Girl, I have been known to say, “Hey, should I get bangs again?”  Without the chopped hair across her brow-line, it’s not the easiest task to spot this girl.


Taylor Swift

Taylor is infamous for her golden, curly hair and her side swept (or straight-across) bangs.  When she has her hair grown out and pushed completely to the side of her face, this award-winning singer isn’t so easily recognized.


Lea Michele

This Glee star has a radiant voice and a stunning, straight-across bang.  She does brush them to the side every now-and-again, but one thing’s for sure: she prefers the bang.  Without the hair accessory, she looks like your average, pretty face with high cheek bones.

Alexis Bledel

With her forehead out and about, this former Gilmore Girl would be hard to spot in a crowd.  With her signature look (a classic side-swept bang), Bledel definitely shines with a focus on her beautiful, bright-blue eyes.

alexisSide-SweptStraight Across


  1. When you’re feeling like the straight-across commitment is too much to bare: try a side-swept bang instead!
  2. When in doubt, try it out.  Hair grows back… eventually!
  3. Pulling your hair to the side will create a completely different look and is a great go-to when you’re in the process for growing your hair out.
  4. Frequent trimming may help your hair grow out faster, but remember not to cut your bangs too short.  They will take a while to grow out after any drastic chop-sesh (depending on how fast your hair normally grows out).
  5. If you want to try the look without even a snip of the scissors: Buy detachable bangs.  You can reuse these clip-ins so you can get all of the benefits of this look without an ounce of scissor-remorse.  You can buy them anywhere: from online at sites like Amazon or specialty beauty stores.

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Female Celebrity Look-A-Likes

Many claim they have a likeness to a celebrity but often bare only a slight resemblance.  What’s more interesting are celebrities that look like other celebrities!

Intense Female Character Role-ers

LookAlikeNKWNatalie PortmanKeira KnightlyWinona Ryder

I have always thought these three actresses looked similar.  I first compared Keria and Winona together.  Slowly the comparison between Keira and Natalie grew on me.  Looking from left to right and reversed, I’m sure you do to.

Bang Sporting Sisters

LookAlikeNKWZooey DeschanelKaty Perry

These two ladies are known for their long, dark tresses with a bang above the brow.  From their facial structure and perfect complexion, in a dark room you’d definitely need a double-take.

Comedic Blondes


Chelsea HandlerElizabeth Banks

Late-Night Funny-Lady Chelsea Handler and humourous actress Elizabeth Banks have a likeness in their faces and stick to the same hairstyle.  I was convinced Handler was the book selling blonde in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, but Banks played the eccentrically sexual role.

 Golden Waves and Pointed Chins

snowolsenBrittany SnowMary-Kate Olsen

These two female actresses, on the right angle and in the right light, bare a resemblance.  Their hazel eyes and lightly-toasted locks share a beauty that compliments them both.