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Questions That Arise From Sex and the City Marathons

If you’re ever home with little to do in the afternoon, flip the TV on to the E! Network and you’ll get a nice dose of Sex and the City.

The Ladies Who Lunch Marathon is on every weekday from around 1 -3 p.m. and it’ll suck you into the couch cushions before you realize it.  And before you realize it, you’ll be asking yourself these questions.

Why isn’t your life as great as these single ladies?  Their problems are simple yet complicated…  but still pretty simple.

How can you get Carrie Bradshaw’s fabulous hair?  Every episode it’s new and bold and magnetic.

How can you become that stylish?  EVERY episode: all of them dripping in designer duds and those shoes… OH those shoes!

How did they find each other? Also, where will your Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda be?

Should you start watching The Carrie Diaries?  Maybe that show has the answers…

Then you decide to never watch The Carrie Diaries… because of reasons.

And then the marathon’s over and you re-evaluate your life…  even if you’re just a 20-something living in New Jersey.  Beware.

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Guy Halloween Costumes Decoded: The Office Style

This Halloween Season is a perfect opportunity to get to know the college male species.  It’s prime time and the guys are out for a good time, just like you!

Here are some tips and tricks (through examining The Office’s male cast’s costumes) to find the guys who will get you to enjoy your Halloween Night Out.

The Gabe

He did his research.

Gabe is a perfect example of when research goes wrong.  He looks really good as Lady Gaga… like really good.

He looks better than I do on an average day.  Great execution, but if you don’t want to be referred to as the (to quote Mean Girls) “less hot version” of him… You might want to steer clear.

He probably will have the best time, so do make sure you’re involved in his party.  If you can handle him, stick around to see what’s beneath the wig.

The Creed

He  did his research, too.

The Now-Classic Joker, Creed takes it to the next level in costume terms and gets into character too easily…  Unless you have some fetish or weird role-play fantasy in your head, it’s best to steer clear of someone on this level.  They want an excuse to be this character and Halloween is the perfect chance.

Unless the guy in question is “in character” for a less psycho role, say Batman or Robin, go for it!  Pick the guy who put a smile on that face without a knife!

The Dwight

He researched and you better know.

Dwight knows his character.  He knows what planet he would technically live on and the climate of that planet and how his wardrobe would suit that habitat.

If you’re unsure of the costume and you’re still interested in the guy wearing it, ask!  Ask all about the costume and where it comes from.  He probably made it and put a lot of effort into it.  He’ll like that you cared to ask and showed an interest in what he’s already interested in.

The Andy

He wears his costume, for better or worse.

He could be in a group costume and lost his group, but he wears his costume proud.  Lone Group Costumers tell you a number of things.  1.) He has friends.  2.) He’s a great sport.  3.)  He can get into a theme.

This is a guy who is social and likes to have a good time with his friends.  He can make plans in advance and likes to stick to them, even if his friends go AWOL.  Strike up a conversation about his costume and how he got separated from his group.  Group Costumers tend to stick together, so if they’re separated there’s definitely a story behind it.

The JimThe man without much of a plan.

The Jim is a guy who isn’t very enthusiastic about his costume.  He’s wearing it and he’s out.  That counts for something, right?  It’s better than no costume.  He probably wasn’t planning on going out but at the last minute his friends called him up and got him out.

He’s out to have fun and what more can you ask for?

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Grumpy Cat Gets The Whole Kit and Kaboodle!

Extra, extra!  Read all about it.  Tartar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat, has taken over this week’s cover of New York Magazine.  To widen the spotlight of Tart’s fandom, I’m giving you my Top Five Tartar Moments!

5.) Employee of the Month!

4.) Her own line of “Grumppuccinos”

3.) Television Debut

2.) Today Show Appearance!

1.) Friskies Lifetime Achievement Award!

Now if you’re not getting enough of The Grumpy Cat, visit her website!  There, you can see her daily photos and be up-to-date with all things grumpy!

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Laguna Beach: Season 2 Drinking Game

MTV has decided to revisit their award winning… I mean their reality television…  I mean their television show Laguna Beach!

The throw-back show has inspired me to drink.  You know, because of reasons.

The Rules:

Drink EVERY time:

Denise Richards - Swimming PoolIt’s Denise, but who cares.

Anyone is pool-side.

This could be an event, a get-together, or any cast member happens to be around a pool.

Jacuzzi scenes do count.

tumblr_m7hrewluO11r8w6odo1_500Also, drink any time there’s a beach scene.

This can be surfing, skim boarding, tanning, drinking: whatever.

It doesn’t matter.

Just drink.

2932436331_1_3You’re also going to want to drink every time this pretty bag of douche comes on screen.

tumblr_m5l9ilLRe21ql5yr7o3_250And to be fair, drink every time this tool bag comes on screen.

2956745997_1_13_fDYcunH2Also, drink any time Lauren seems to be planning her wedding to Steven in her head.

tumblr_inline_misvuaAUsG1qz4rgpDrink any time Kristen is either:

  • A bitch.
  • Sassy.
  • Brutally honest.
  • On the hunt.
  • Destroying a relationship.

Basically, drink any time Kristen is on screen.

poorYou can also drink (and/or finish your cup) when this thought runs through your head.

You know, because of reasons…

cry-laguna-beach-lauren-conrad-lc-sad-Favim.com-240279_largeDrink any time someone on the cast is near-tears or crying.

235504_1242238688485_160Also drink whenever any of these idiots are talking about Jason.

If you want to spice things up and you can handle your liquor: Waterfall when Jessica starts talking about Jason and stop when the scene is over.

Happy drinking!

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Show to Watch: The Challenge: Rivals II


With the new Challenge airing this week, I think it’s best we review common strategies and place bets on the drunken mistakes that are cast every season.


1.)  Fight your competitors out of commission.

  • One hit, one ticket.  Home.
  • You can also terrorize your competitor until they beg to go home.

2.)  Sleep Your Way to the Top.

  • Find the most athletic male or female and establish a romantic bond (sleep with them).
  • Do this before the two strongest partners find each other and start sleeping together.

3.)  Form an alliance.

  • Usually this happens within the first couple of days.
  • Two major parties usually are formed with a few stragglers who want the game to be “fair” and “not a popularity contest.”
  • However, it’s an MTV reality show.  It’s not real.  It doesn’t have to be fair.  It is a popularity contest.

What you can always depend on is that pure athletic ability and intelligence will only get you through the challenges.  Strategy is essential to keeping yourself alive in the game.

The Cast.


Easily, we can knock off the “Sure Things.”  The people who always get knocked out in the beginning.

Cast2013 (1)

You next have to knock out the “Idealists.”  They don’t get with the program and they do suffer the consequences.

Cast2013 (1)

This is a game not about skill.  This is a game about following orders and doing what you’re told.  Or you can sleep with one of the head-honchos and save your spot until the last few episodes.

Next, we have to knock out the “Rookies.”  The Veterans of the game don’t like new faces.  They relish in the familiar and excel when they can predict their opponents actions.  If no one recognizes your face, then you might as well stay home.

Cast2013 (1)

Finally, the “Hot Heads” and their “Victims” can be crossed off of the list.  These are the people who get into physical fights (then get kicked off) and the people become psychologically traumatized.

Cast2013 (1)

Note: The exception to this rule is Paula.  The trampy cry baby usually finds a mate who is kind-hearted enough to show her soft side AND she allies with the toughest competitors.   She also instigates drama, like a bully, AND she plays the victim when her instigating blows up in her face.

Exhibit A:

Therefore, Paula will not win.  She will stick around until late in the series and possibly have a seat in the final throws of competition.  Her weak frame and nonathletic abilities will be her hubris and she will always go down in flames.

Finally, you can eliminate the people who don’t want it enough.  These are the people who are there because they want to be on television and those who get caught up in the drama, politics, or their sexual escapades.

Cast2013 (1)

I am placing my bets on Sarah, Johnny Bananas, or Emily.  Anyone they are partnered with may be their downfall, but they are the strongest competitors who know how to play the game.

Happy watching!

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Fourth of July Round Up: Barbecue Drinks and Drinking Games

With the American Holiday inspiring one-day-fashionable red, white, and blues, I figured the best way to celebrate the country would be how the founding fathers celebrated daily: drinking!

To begin the festivities, you’re going to want to have your drinks ready for the taking.




Nothing says ‘Merica and barbecue like an iced cold beer.  If you’re on a budget and plan on playing the soon-to-be-mentioned-game BEER PONG, I suggest getting a cheap, heavily water-based beer like Busch or Natural Ice, a.k.a Natty Ice.

If you want to have a causal, by-the-grill hang-out: go for a selection of Craft Beers.  Don’t worry if you don’t know much about the brands or flavors.  Typically, when a host/hostess provides a selection of craft beers, party goers don’t question.  They drink.



For the ladies and the men who understand what it entails, Sangria is a perfect addition to any summer party or event.

Simply choose a red wine: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Rioja reds, Zinfandel, Shiraz.  It’s really up to you and your preference.  I recommend a Cab Sauv because the flavors will be brought out with the other ingredients.

You’ll then want to add a club soda-y mixer into the situation.  An actual club soda or Sprite OR a Ginger Ale will all work just fine.

Next, select a variety of citrus fruits and slice them up.  Add them to the wine mixture.

I prefer letting the mixture stand for a number of minutes, allowing the alcohol to be absorbed into the fruits.  This gives the drinker the opportunity to indulge in alcoholic snacks while they enjoy their alcoholic beverage.


Beer Pong.


If you walk around any college campus in the good old U S of A, you’re going to encounter some Beer Pong play.  Typically two teams facing each other on a long table, typically six cups in a pyramid fashion, typically pong balls being thrown, and always a lot of trash talk.

Winners are the team who successfully makes every cup on their opponent’s side.

You’re going to want to learn the house rules immediately, so you know what you’re getting yourself into.  If a  house does not have their own set of rules, move on because they don’t respect the game.

Now with that being said, if you’re having your own party in your own house: Make your Beer Pong Rules.  People will come to you for guidance and they will look at you with pleading eyes hoping your rules are in their favor.

Some Translations:

  • “Do you have Roll-Backs?”  This person wants to know if the ball they punched their opponent in the face for counts as fair game.
  • “Do you have Behind the Back?”  This person is probably the same person as before and wants to know if their Roll-Back ball can be shot traditionally or if you want them to shoot from behind their back.  Traditionally, men shoot behind the back and women shoot left-handed.
  • “Fingering or Blowing?”  When a ball lands in a cup on an angle and starts to spin within the cup, the opportunity to finger or blow the ball out without it having touched the beer presents itself.
  • “Bouncing?”  Depending on your preference, if a ball is bounced into a cup the cup still counts.  If the ball bounces several times on the table before landing, each bounce can count as a cup.  Kind of like Checkers but with beer.
  • “Ring of Fire?” With the traditional game set-up, the Ring of Fire is when a team makes the middle cup, front cup, and back two corner cups.  A ring is created.  When called out prior to a throw, if successful, the game immediately ends and the victory goes to the thrower.
  • “Shut Outs?”  When a losing team makes zero cups during the course of a game, the opportunity to make them do something humiliating in their defeat presents itself.  Typically, some kind of naked lap around the house or a beer clear of the table is in order.  However, you can allow the victorious team to choose the losing team’s fate… as long as the act is not to degrading.  This is a game, remember.
  • “Death cup?”  The Death Cup is the cup in a player’s hand.  If the drinker is not being mindful, the opposing team can shoot for the cup-in-hand.  If successful, the game is immediately over with the victory for the shooter’s team.

Flip Cup.


A Get-Drunk-Quick scheme I always aim for when Beer Pong has a long list of teams in the line up, Flip Cup is as American as the Flip-Flopping politicians we have in office.

Two teams line across from each other, pairing up with an opposing team member.  One end of the table has a pair “Down, Up, Down, Chug” to set the match into action.  Once the team member to your side has finished their cup, you begin chugging your cup and the you try with all your might to flip it upside-down on the table.

This skill takes time and practice to master, so don’t get too down on yourself if you mess it up for the rest of your team and everyone hates you.  They’ll eventually get over it or just kick you off the team.

Winners are the team who has successfully chugged and flipped every cup.

And a game in the name of the Fourth of July:

True American.


First discovered in Fox’s New Girl series, True American is a loosely based Candy Land drinking game.  It’s a very complicated game, but once started and in the groove: very simple.  I’m copying TrueAmericanRules.com so that I do not trip anyone up.

This game is mainly for a small group of players, depending on how larger your space.  Perfect for the post-barbecue lingerers around your house.

SKTrueAmerican (1)

In Summary:  Players take turns trying to win moves in order to navigate the tables, chairs, and cushions which are your only escape from the molten lava floor. At the center of the game is a castle made of a bottle of alcohol and many beers. As players traverse the game area, they remove beers and drink them. Once all of the beers have been removed, the first player to reach the bottle of alcohol, finish their beer, and take a swig from bottle, wins the game.

  • The Castle: The Castle is made up of one bottle of liquor and many cans of beer (you decide how many based on the number of players). The liquor is the King and sits in the middle of the Castle. The cans of beer are the Pawns and the Soldiers of the Secret Order. The Pawns are lined up in four lines radiating outward from the King. These lines of Pawns also signify the barriers between each zone. The game ends when all of the Pawns have been removed and a player drinks from the King.


  • The Zones: There are four zones, each with five spaces where a player can stand. The center space in each zone is the only space where the Pawns can be taken and thus it is the closest space to the Castle. There are a total of four of these spaces. The spaces at the beginning and end of the zones are the farthest away from the Castle.


  • The Setup: Before the game starts, determine how many beers total should be consumed and setup the Castle with those beers as the Pawns. Using the lines of Pawns as barriers between the zones; designate each zone, making sure to have 5 spaces in each zone as described above. Teams are optional.SKTrueAmerican (1)
  • Starting the Game: After setup is complete, players may have a shotgun contest to determine who has the first turn. If no player wisher to shotgun a beer, play rock-paper-scissors instead. To start the game, the winner of this contest yells “One, two three, JFK” at which point all other players yell “FDR”, grab a Pawn from the Castle, and retreat to any space.

Game Play:

Players move around the game area in a clockwise direction. The player whose turn it is always moves one space; however, the other players must “win” their moves. This player has three ways to provide the other players with a way to win their move.

  • The Count: All players yell “One, two, three” and then hold a number of fingers, between one and five, against their foreheads. Anyone holding a number that no one else has chosen wins. Winners may move one spot.
  • Complete a Quote: The player may slowly speak a quote from history or pop culture. Any other player that is able to jump in and complete the quote in tandem wins. Winners may move two spots.
  • Something in Common: The player may yell out two people, places, or things. Any other player that can reply with what these two things have in common wins. Winners may move three spots.

Players must always have a beer in their hand and may not have more than three at any one time. Players may only take a Pawn from the Castle when they are in one of the four center spaces.


After all Pawns have been removed, the King is vulnerable. The first player to land on one of the center spaces, finish their beer and take a swig from the King, wins the game!


If you are caught without a beer or with only an empty beer, you lose. If you step in molten lava, you lose. To enter back into the game, drink one full beer and start on a space that the other players decide.


Fun and Games AND Alcohol.