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Your Brain on Facebook

Facebook is blowing up about a video on Facebook.  What does it do to your brain?  It might surprise you… or it might not.

Some “facts” thrown out at you in the video explained in real life:

Courtesy of Reddit User Se7en_Sinner

People are incapable of intimately knowing more than 150 people.”

I don’t argue this fact, I argue that I can intimately know up to that amount.  It depends on my definition of intimacy, I guess.  My definition of intimacy involves letting someone hear my righteous burping or see me without make-up.

Basically for me, the deeper the intimacy, the more natural, bodily functions I’ll allow a person to see.

I’ll be honest, my intimate circle is small because I don’t want other people seeing or hearing things that can’t be unseen or unheard.

“Girls Don’t Poop” PooPourri Commercial

My friend count on Facebook isn’t just a number that makes me feel good because it’s high and that means I’m “like omg so popular.”  My number of friends says that I met all these people at least once.

Maybe I slept over their house in middle school because we were best friends and we did that every weekend.  Maybe I shared a class with them and we rolled our eyes every time that one kid pulled out his e-cigarette.  Maybe they told me a joke at a party and I nearly fell off the couch and peed my pants a little.

Life is too short to keep track of how I met my “friends,” but I can say I know at least a couple of details about the person without needing to scan their profile to figure out “who they are.”

And my friend count is over 400.

“The western and modern world sanctions individuality.  The individual is measured by … having a career, wealth, a self-image, and consumerism… Many people lose their social and familial connections in favor of a self-actualization ideal.”

Courtesy of HeyImmaTrickster

Is it entirely wrong of me to pursue a career, to generate an income, hold my head high, and buy things I want?  No.

Does that make me self-obsessed?  No.

Would my friends be mad that I’m pursuing my goals that I set for myself?  No, because they wouldn’t be my friends if they did.

So we should blame the online social network because we’re “collecting friends like stamps and not distincting quantity versus quality?”

I’m going to go with my favorite reply and say, “No.”  Strictly speaking for myself, I see quality in every person I meet… maybe with the exception being that douche with the e-cigarette in class.

(I did not add him on Facebook.)

“Converting the deep meaning and intimacy of friendship with exchange in photos and chat conversations.  By doing so we are sacrificing conversation with connection.”

Again, I might be speaking for myself but when I send my friend a cat photo I found on Imgur, I’m not saying, “OOH Cat.  Look at cat.”  I’m saying, “Hey, I like this cat photo and I know you will, too.  Not in a way that it’s obviously a cat and we both like cats.  In a way that this cat symbolizes something deeper, perhaps a longing to be a cat or to merely be in a cat’s presence.  We are both cat people and seeing this cat will make us both happy.  Here, I present to you not only a cat photo but the happiness that can only be achieved when two cat people see a cat photo.”

AGAIN, I repeat that I have a “small, intimate circle” of friends.

Also, depth of my cat obsession:

“Instead of building true friendships, we’re obsessed with endless personal promotion.  Investing hours on end on our profile, pursuing the optimum order of words in our next message, choosing the pictures in which we look our best.”

Honestly, if your social media account is all that is holding your life together: Keep on keeping on.  I won’t judge, just like I hope you don’t judge me for the horrible, awful looking faces I keep making in every photo I take or all of my cat photos.


Masquerade Ball circa 2013.

The “fantasies” that this video proposes we use social media for:

1.) We can put our attention where we want it to be.

2.) We will always be heard.

3.) We will never have to be alone.

Which equate to “I share therefore I am.”

A play on Descartes’ “Cognito Ergo Sum” or “I think therefore I am,” however the fantasies are exactly not fantastical.

These ideas are not whimsical or frivolous.

Whether or not social media exists, these are truths we as humans have until the day we die and cease to be.

So, take that Sherry Turkle.

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Animal Lovers: Instagramers to Follow

Here’s a brief list of Instagramers who will populate your Instagram feed with daily photos of some favorite-worthy photos.  These furry friends will surely brighten your day while you’re mobile.


The dailypuppy posts the cutest puppies every day.  Just check out those French Bulldog puppies!dailypuppy


This user focuses on French and English bulldogs.  Some of my favorite!



This Puggle poster have a “puggle problem.”  If you enjoy the Puggle breed of dog, hit Follow!



This Instagramer has a Scottish Fold cat.  His name is Shishi-maru and he will put a smile on your face when you’re browsing through your feed.


A classic favorite:


Here is a cat that needs no introduction.  With almost a half-million followers, this cat is Internet-famous.


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Chrysler and Bob Dylan Super Bowl Commercial Is Racist

“Is there anything more American than America?”  

Certainly not.  Well, maybe South America, Canada, and Mexico… but let’s ignore that for now.  Check out Chrysler’s ad for yourself and follow along to Bob Dylan’s smoke-and-mirrored voice.

A beautifully done, Super-Bowl-Quality commercial.  But if you re-watch the ad, what words and images are associated with what is “American?”

We have vision.  


We are cool.  

true cool

We have established a legacy.  


“We became an inspiration to the… rest of the world.”


Take a minute to think about this pause.  This pause in this line of dialogue makes me think that the rest of the world is an afterthought.  But let’s not get into diplomacy or warmongering…  Let’s focus on cars. 

“Yeah, Detroit made cars and cars made America.”


Before we move onto what the rest of the world does, let’s look at what “America” does in a few select quotes:

“Making the best, making the finest takes conviction.”

“You can’t import the heart and soul of every man and woman working on the line.”

“When it’s made here, it’s made with the one thing you can’t import from anywhere else: American Pride.”

Let’s look at the world now.

“Let Germany brew your beer.”


Artisan.  Germans are “good” at it.  This is a craft that produces a product that can be considered admirable…

for a product-consuming country like “America”

because we “Americans” like to drink good brews, too.

“Let Switzerland make your watch.”


Swiss watches are highly prized, coveted, and expensive pieces of jewelry.  These are luxury products that we can also consume.

Similar to Germany’s depiction, there is one person working articulately on one item.  This is what can be considered a form of expression and art.

“Let Asia assemble your phone.”


An entire continent is dwindled down to a single entity responsible to making your phone.

Now, that’s “American.”

“We will build your car.”


I am going to leave you with one video clip from one of my favorite shows to fully encompass everything I want everyone to take away from not just this commercial but from every part of the Super Bowl.

HBO’s show The Newsroom says everything I could ever write in such an eloquent and simple way in just this 5-minute clip:


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Five Instagramers To Follow

I often find myself killing time on the train by looking through my Instagram Feed.  I often find myself suggesting “Follows” to my friends.  Since I also often find myself telling you ladies and gentlemen what to look out for… Here are five Instagramers to follow!

1.) Me.


If you want a heads up on what I’ll be writing about, some cat photos, or pictures of food and drinks…  My contribution to Instagram is 100% all of that.  You won’t find a “Sexy Selfie” posted by me but you just might see a beard that I made for myself out of my own hair… @caseythere.

2.) The Style Addict


Thestyleaddict often posts some killer manicures and great hair-DO’s.  They post the occasional, super-cute kitten/puppy picture and let’s face it: that’s not tuning anyone out.  Follow this account for some nail inspiration or just some stylish tips to stumble upon throughout your Instagram browse-sesh.  @thestyleaddict

3.) I Am The Great Went


If you enjoy cat photos, you’ll enjoy iamthegreatwent.  Cat photos upon cat photos.  I can’t get enough and if you’re the same: Follow iamthegreatwent.  Enough said.  @iamthegreatwent

4.) Fashion By Angie


I don’t know who this person is.  I don’t know where they came from.  All I can say is I am obsessed with their styling.  All of their combinations get an instant “♥” and I have no regrets about it.  There is an art in layering and they have mastered it.  And D*MN, make me want boots more.  Jesus.  @fashionbyangie

5.) Instabraid


I love creativity and instabraid is all about that business.  If you enjoy braiding as a craft, this user will show you things you never saw before.  They have opened Pandora’s Box and everything’s turning up braided.  I love everything they post… not because I necessarily want to try it but because I admire it.  @instabraid

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How To: Avoid Textual Drama

We’ve all been there.  You’re not feeling the friendliest of vibes from a certain someone when our phone gets those negative vibrations of a text.  It’s the start of an all-too-familiar form of a modern duel: The Text Fight.

To avoid all of the drama, there’s one simple trick that will save you the hours of 3-page texts back and fourth that results in the end of a friendship, relationship, or even roommate-ship…

Pick up your phone.  Call him or her.  Use your Anytime Minutes.

Though it might be hard to hear, you should listen.

You might just hear something you didn’t know about before.

Then you can talk.

More than likely, your friend or SO or roommate might just be feeling like this:

And it’s just easier for them to hide behind texts than to actually share their feelings.

Nine times out of ten, your phone conversation will end like this:

For that one time out of ten, you can simply speak your piece and press that End Button.

But if you’re feeling more like this when it comes to phone calls:

Then you deserve to lose that friend, SO, or roommate.


Product Review: Samsung Galaxy S4


Look at the beauty.


After having several phones over the past three years that have met an ill fate…



HTC Inspire and HTC Arya in the cellphone graveyard.

…I decided to invest in a new phone with a new contract and mobile insurance.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has everything I could want.  Being a person who is a huge multi-tasker  who is constantly trying to keep up with the latest news and product reviews, I needed a phone that could satisfy my needs.

The screen is 5 inches.  FIVE INCHES.  I can watch Netflix from my nightstand while I roll around in my down comforter and feather bed (other necessities).

Not only is the screen huge, but the device is very light weight.  I could toss it around in the air if I wanted, but we have seen what that has done to the phones in the cellphone graveyard.

The phone also has the ability for Group Play, which allows the user to connect with up to eight phones for games, document exchanges, and such.

The camera shoots like a pro and I’m glad I don’t have to lug my Nikon around because I don’t have insurance on that thing (#whoops).  Now whenever someone falls down the stairs or I’m eating something delicious, I have an instant way to capture the deliciousness or humiliation.

And if you switch to Sprint, like I did, you can get the phone and pay next to nothing with unlimited data.  That means those kitten pics and cat videos can be instantly shared with all of the internet!  All of it!