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TV Review: HBO’s GIRLS S3E8

This week: Hannah realizes that having a “real person” job can do wonders for your bank account and wardrobe, Ray breaks up with Marnie, Adam gets cast on Broadway, and Jessa falls off the wagon.

Hannah’s story-line has toned down these past few episodes and she is coming into adulthood, slowly but surely.  Her insecurities about Adam chasing his dreams makes her wonder if he’s going to stick around while she figures out hers again.  Surprise.

Marnie’s still bumbling about and working at whatever part-time, food-service job she can get her hands on.  She’s been using Ray as an emotional/physical relationship crutch, but this week he decides that wasting his time with her really isn’t going anywhere.  He dumps her and Marnie has to re-evaluate her life yet again.  Surprise.

Jessa’s rehab friend/father-figure, Jasper, has hunt her down to get her back into living her “life.”  By living life, I mean getting back into doing coke binges and running around town just for the hell of it all.  The two of them steal money from the baby boutique that Jessa’s been holding down a job at… and she was doing so well… Surprise.

Shoshannah goes back to her background noise role in the show, just like the weird, trendy ottoman that she is.  No surprise there.

I don’t know what to expect for next week’s episode.  I just want to know how Shoshannah’s going to find out about Marnie and Ray.  Shosh snapped at the beach house last week over the girls being their vapid, self-absorbed selves but I feel like Marnie sleeping with Ray will light a spark in her again.

Though Adam tells Hannah’s dying grandmother the two of them are getting married…

Check out the preview below:

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TV Review: HBO’s GIRLS S3E7

In this week’s episode, Marnie plans an “adult” Summer vacation for the girls to “heal.”  Obviously things don’t go according to plan, but Shoshannah grows a spine!

The episode kicks off with Marnie doing a little flower arranging in a beach house and then follows her as she places name cards on each of the beds for each of the girls.

Very Martha Stewart of her.

The other three girls arrive via bus and Jessa makes friends with a nice, elderly couple.  Marnie picks them up (sans the old people) and off they go for some time-slotted-by-Marnie fun in the sun.

The problem with this little vacation is that the girls have been boiling over with angst towards each other.  Unfortunately, all of them are too self-absorbed to vocalize and express their emotions.

On a trip into the beach town for some groceries, Hannah runs into Elijah and they reconnect their friendship.  Hannah invites him and his friends to the beach house to lighten up the mood.  One of the friends is involved in musical theater and eventually instructs a major dance routine for the gang to perform.

Marnie’s control-twitches start to overload and she becomes the metaphorical emotional-snap-bomb to watch out for.  The group of Gays and Gals begin to heavily drink and start to bond over the things drunks bond over: resemblances, reminiscing, drinking, fun, and food.

Jessa’s sobriety since rehab has stayed strong, but you can tell her promiscuous tendencies are about to emerge as she hits on one of Elijah’s gay friends in the middle of a naked pool swim session.

After dinner, the group performs the dance routine they have been rehearsing all day.  Marnie pushes for perfection and then Hannah snaps at her for her perfectionist ways.

This confrontation then spreads to the rest of the group and Shoshannah ends up calling out all of the girls’ bullsh*t: Jessa’s newly found enlightenment from rehab; Hannah’s self-obsessive, egotistical, and narcissistic focuses; Marnie’s American Psycho ways.

Kudos, Shosh.

The night ends and a new day begins with everyone in silence over what happened the drunken night before.  On the wait for the bus, the girls continue to practice their dance routine like everything will sort itself out.

Here’s to that strategy.

Because that always works out for the best.

My only criticism is that I want Shosh to find out about Ray and Marnie.  This would have been the perfect time for Shosh to use her kickboxing moves again.

Maybe next week.

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Biggest Loser Rachel Frederickson Too Thin?

I’m not an avid follower of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, but when I heard the dramatic weight loss of contestant Rachel Frederickson I immediately thought, “How much did she lose?

Initially weighing in for the show at 260 lbs, Frederickson stepped on the scale during the season finale and delivered a weight loss of 155 lbs… making her current weight at 105 lbs.

She lost a Me-after-a-5-McDouble-feast-in-wet-clothes-holding-my-cat–and-my-psychology-textbook.

I cannot imagine the differences she must be seeing in her life, but I can’t help but question her response in an E News Interview about her weight loss.  “I feel amazing.  I feel truly alive.  Just transformed,” Frederickson said.  “Before I could only wear what fit.  Now, I’m finding a whole new style.  It’s really fun.”

Great.  She has found her confidence and she loves how she looks now.  What is alarming to me is that glow in her eyes when she says “style.”

My question is: Is it health that she has achieved or is it the perfect sample size for clothing?  

Let’s hope she lost the weight in a healthy way and that she will do what will make her happiest.  Reality television has enough skeletons in its closet already.

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Chrysler and Bob Dylan Super Bowl Commercial Is Racist

“Is there anything more American than America?”  

Certainly not.  Well, maybe South America, Canada, and Mexico… but let’s ignore that for now.  Check out Chrysler’s ad for yourself and follow along to Bob Dylan’s smoke-and-mirrored voice.

A beautifully done, Super-Bowl-Quality commercial.  But if you re-watch the ad, what words and images are associated with what is “American?”

We have vision.  


We are cool.  

true cool

We have established a legacy.  


“We became an inspiration to the… rest of the world.”


Take a minute to think about this pause.  This pause in this line of dialogue makes me think that the rest of the world is an afterthought.  But let’s not get into diplomacy or warmongering…  Let’s focus on cars. 

“Yeah, Detroit made cars and cars made America.”


Before we move onto what the rest of the world does, let’s look at what “America” does in a few select quotes:

“Making the best, making the finest takes conviction.”

“You can’t import the heart and soul of every man and woman working on the line.”

“When it’s made here, it’s made with the one thing you can’t import from anywhere else: American Pride.”

Let’s look at the world now.

“Let Germany brew your beer.”


Artisan.  Germans are “good” at it.  This is a craft that produces a product that can be considered admirable…

for a product-consuming country like “America”

because we “Americans” like to drink good brews, too.

“Let Switzerland make your watch.”


Swiss watches are highly prized, coveted, and expensive pieces of jewelry.  These are luxury products that we can also consume.

Similar to Germany’s depiction, there is one person working articulately on one item.  This is what can be considered a form of expression and art.

“Let Asia assemble your phone.”


An entire continent is dwindled down to a single entity responsible to making your phone.

Now, that’s “American.”

“We will build your car.”


I am going to leave you with one video clip from one of my favorite shows to fully encompass everything I want everyone to take away from not just this commercial but from every part of the Super Bowl.

HBO’s show The Newsroom says everything I could ever write in such an eloquent and simple way in just this 5-minute clip:


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TV Review: HBO’s GIRLS S3E4

In this week’s episode of HBO’s Girls, we get more evidence that the female characters are essentially worthless, vapid human voids.

Hannah’s editor, David, dies, but her biggest concern is whether or not her e-book will be published.  Someone needs to tell her that she could have self-published her book online already… but then what would she be able to complain about in the next episode?

Marnie quits her job at the coffee shop… her only visible source of income.  I’m sure that strategy will get her far.  Props to her fitness regimen, though.

Soshannah is relatively mute this episode.  I’m not entirely sure if that is an improvement.  I guess it is only reasonable that her plots develops as slowly as the molasses river on which her brain cells float around on.

Jessa is offended her friend Season faked her own death in order to get away from Jessa’s crazy, drug-infused antics. Season even sent an invitation and Jessa didn’t even show.  A little much, but Jessa was probably more offended that someone abandoned her before she skipped town on them first.  

The next episode has David’s wake and Hannah’s e-book cancellation, according to the preview.  Let’s hope the deaths of David and the e-book bring to life some kind of humanistic emotion in ANY of these characters.

Please, Lena Dunham.  Please.

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TV Review: HBO’s GIRLS S3E3

Previously on Girls: Hannah complains, Jessa complains, Shoshanna complains, Adam complains, and so does that guy Sosh dated.  What’s his name?  You know, that undecided coffeehouse guy.  Ray.  He certainly complains a lot.

This week, we meet Adam’s sister Caroline.  Adam “Addy” wants nothing to do with his hot-mess-of-a-sister.  Caroline’s an unemployed teacher and a Doctor Kevorkian in-training.  Adam says Caroline doesn’t give the people around her the courtesy of self-imploding and instead she takes everyone down with her.

So, who wouldn’t want to have her over for an undisclosed amount of time?

Marnie binge watched a bunch of 90’s music videos and then she and Elijah made one of her own- complete with PowerPoint slideshow transitions.  Cool.

No matter what, Hannah never fails to make everything about her (even staring at Caroline’s bruised/abused body).  But it’s okay because this episode is Hannah’s birthday.  How great for her!

As per usual, Marnie’s mouth is still laced with talk of Charlie while the girl gang re-watches the music video the two of them collaborated on at the part.  You know, the really good one I mentioned earlier.

If only someone would sew her mouth shut.

This episode is another shining example of how Shoshanna still would be a better asset to the team if she smoked crack again.  The Shosh the ‘Ho story-line is still just no, no, no.

No matter what happens during the episode, all I can think about is how happy Hannah probably is because everyone’s in one place just to celebrate her existence.

Then Marnie takes the stage.

Then Marnie takes the stage.

Then Marnie takes the stage.

Predictable, yes.  She did the same at Charlie’s company party.  So, why not.

And then Adam gifts Hannah a tooth necklace.

His tooth to wear around her neck.

Best Line:And now I have grown weary of you.”

Second Best Line:Why did I even join the Teacher’s Union?

Worst Line:Do you still want to have sex?

End Scene.

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TV Review: HBO’s GIRLS Season 3 Premiere

The much-anticipated Season 3 Premiere of HBO’s GIRLS arrived on Sunday night.  The episode opens the way every past season has opened: Hannah in bed with someone.  First it was Marnie, then Sandy, and now Adam.

In case you forgot: Heeeere’s Sandy!

I must admit I am disappointed in how the characters have developed (or not developed).  Jessa’s in rehab to get some bribed money from her Grandma, Marnie is no longer with Charlie, Soshanna continues to be the background cast member with essentially zero brain waves stemming from her thick skull… and Hannah is surprisingly less nude than I anticipated.  Cheers.

I don’t know what I expected.  I perceived this season opener as a bit of a flop- a let down.  How much further are we going to explore Jessa’s obliviousness about her obvious “Daddy Issues?”  How many more segments are we going to watch with Hannah explaining she is a writer?  How much longer with the Charlie Babbles continue sputtering from Marnie’s whiny mouth?  Will Soshanna get a brain with that college diploma?  Or will everyone have to make another road trip to see the Wizard?

I guess we should stay tuned for the next episode.  I mean why not?  The show airs every Sunday night and I surely don’t have anything better to do.