JustFab.com Clearance Items!

JustFab.com always has a clearance sale going on and this month, I finally decided to indulge. If you’ve been following my blog, you know I haven’t purchased anything “fabulous” since the Summer.  This recent sale was the push that I needed to finally loosen my grip on my wallet… and boy was I glad. For… Continue reading JustFab.com Clearance Items!

Animal Lovers: Instagramers to Follow

Here’s a brief list of Instagramers who will populate your Instagram feed with daily photos of some favorite-worthy photos.  These furry friends will surely brighten your day while you’re mobile. dailypuppy The dailypuppy posts the cutest puppies every day.  Just check out those French Bulldog puppies! jmarcoz This user focuses on French and English bulldogs.… Continue reading Animal Lovers: Instagramers to Follow

TV Review: HBO’s GIRLS S3E8

This week: Hannah realizes that having a “real person” job can do wonders for your bank account and wardrobe, Ray breaks up with Marnie, Adam gets cast on Broadway, and Jessa falls off the wagon. Hannah’s story-line has toned down these past few episodes and she is coming into adulthood, slowly but surely.  Her insecurities… Continue reading TV Review: HBO’s GIRLS S3E8

Product Review: Maybelline Tinted Baby Lips, Cherry Me

I was in RiteAid and I wanted to try out some new products.  Marching back and forth the make-up aisle, I found the Maybelline Tinted Baby Lips collection on a bottom shelf covered by a “Buy One Get One 50% Off” sign. I took that sign as a sign and made my purchase.  I was… Continue reading Product Review: Maybelline Tinted Baby Lips, Cherry Me

Drink Review: Crane Lake, Cabernet Sauvignon

If you’re tired of Sutter Home, Carlo Rossi, and Yellow Tail: Crane Lake will have you feeling sophisticated because you stepped away from the norm. Crane Lake, the very name, gives you the imagery of a soothing, swan populated lake on a Spring day:  A sudden glimpse of the majestic bird through the trees on… Continue reading Drink Review: Crane Lake, Cabernet Sauvignon

TV Review: HBO’s GIRLS S3E7

In this week’s episode, Marnie plans an “adult” Summer vacation for the girls to “heal.”  Obviously things don’t go according to plan, but Shoshannah grows a spine! The episode kicks off with Marnie doing a little flower arranging in a beach house and then follows her as she places name cards on each of the… Continue reading TV Review: HBO’s GIRLS S3E7