My Shameless Obsession: My Cat

At work the other day, I was in an elevator talking about the television shows I watch with a coworker.  Another woman was standing with us and it was said that we talk a lot about the shows we watch.  This realization prompted the woman standing along side us in the elevator said, “Well, wait… Continue reading My Shameless Obsession: My Cat

Your Brain on Facebook

Facebook is blowing up about a video on Facebook.  What does it do to your brain?  It might surprise you… or it might not. Some “facts” thrown out at you in the video explained in real life: “People are incapable of intimately knowing more than 150 people.” I don’t argue this fact, I argue that… Continue reading Your Brain on Facebook

Review: Petco Premium Cat Bungalow

My boyfriend and I adopted a kitten that was abandoned in a barn about six months ago.  This kitten, Mable Bacon, has become crazed with the need to play.   Our solution at first was more toys, more cat games.  After a serious discussion in the cat tree aisle at Petco, we chose The Premium… Continue reading Review: Petco Premium Cat Bungalow

Five Instagramers To Follow

I often find myself killing time on the train by looking through my Instagram Feed.  I often find myself suggesting “Follows” to my friends.  Since I also often find myself telling you ladies and gentlemen what to look out for… Here are five Instagramers to follow! 1.) Me. If you want a heads up on… Continue reading Five Instagramers To Follow

Grumpy Cat Gets The Whole Kit and Kaboodle!

Extra, extra!  Read all about it.  Tartar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat, has taken over this week’s cover of New York Magazine.  To widen the spotlight of Tart’s fandom, I’m giving you my Top Five Tartar Moments! 5.) Employee of the Month! 4.) Her own line of “Grumppuccinos” 3.) Television Debut 2.) Today Show Appearance! 1.)… Continue reading Grumpy Cat Gets The Whole Kit and Kaboodle!