Animal Lovers: Instagramers to Follow

Here’s a brief list of Instagramers who will populate your Instagram feed with daily photos of some favorite-worthy photos.  These furry friends will surely brighten your day while you’re mobile. dailypuppy The dailypuppy posts the cutest puppies every day.  Just check out those French Bulldog puppies! jmarcoz This user focuses on French and English bulldogs.… Continue reading Animal Lovers: Instagramers to Follow


Some of you may  not know this, but I enjoy editing videos in my spare time. One day, I had a lot of spare time: I know I posted this a while ago, but there was an error with the Youtube account… Rihanna’s Right Now featuring David Guetta was remixed by DJ Frust.  I pieced… Continue reading RIHANNA’S RIGHT NOW KITTEN REMIX