Your Brain on Facebook

Facebook is blowing up about a video on Facebook.  What does it do to your brain?  It might surprise you… or it might not. Some “facts” thrown out at you in the video explained in real life: “People are incapable of intimately knowing more than 150 people.” I don’t argue this fact, I argue that… Continue reading Your Brain on Facebook

The 8 Stages Of Netflix Addiction

For those of you who are contemplating a subscription: Let this be a warning to you. For those of you who already have a subscription: You know exactly where this is going. 1.) Exploration You want a new show to get you through your days.  Maybe you’re tired of being left out of the Mad… Continue reading The 8 Stages Of Netflix Addiction

Where Your High School Class Is Right Now.

We all have to admit that we check in on our former classmates from time to time on Facebook.  I’ve noticed a common thread throughout my Newsfeed and my friends’.  No matter where you went to High School, you and your classmates all have the same fates. They Enlisted. These members of your graduating class… Continue reading Where Your High School Class Is Right Now.

Ridiculous Celebrity Quotes

We know some celebrities are trying to pass off their life styles as something to buy into *cough cough* Gwyneth Paltrow *cough cough* Blake Lively…  but here are some celebrities who can simply inspire us mortals with their wise words of wisdom.  Wonderful. When it comes to education, President Obama should continue his Jaden Smith… Continue reading Ridiculous Celebrity Quotes