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What’s Essential For Success: Class of 2014 Edition

Being a member of the Class of 2014, I’m sitting in the candidate pool with all of my fellow bachelor’s degree-wielding graduates… all 1.8 million of you.  Now being one in a million never seemed negative until it followed that heavy fact, but what will set you apart from that chomping-at-the-bit crowd is one quality: Positivity.

Now you’re probably thinking it’s an irrelevant quality to have in the competitive job market.  Certainly confidence, a cut-throat attitude, or flooding the job market with your tailored resume should ultimately be what’s essential for any successful graduate.  The unfortunate fact is that you’re going to have to face (no matter how confident, cut-throat, or determined you are) a whole lot of Rejection.

And that amount of rejection is going to be brutal.

Remember those 1.8 million other graduates?  They’re doing the same things you’re doing.  They’re ironing their interview suit.  They’re re-working their cover letters to cut down the competition.  They’re stacking their resume with internships and extracurriculars to make you look like yesterday’s trash.

When you start receiving those automated rejection emails from the companies you dreamed of working for, you’re going to need a thick skin.  No college course on your transcript will help you read through rejection email after rejection email after rejection email.

And while you’re sorting through your batch of Dear Candidate letters, you’re going to hear your collegiate friends bursting from the seams.

  • She just received an offer for her dream job.
  • His start-up has taken off and all the media outlets are a buzz with his success.
  • Oh, and that flake who worked at the coffee shop off-campus?  He was just picked up by Google.


Who knew he programmed as a hobby at night?!

You’re going to be practically foaming at the mouth.  The now-jaded, post-grad version of yourself has become quite the cynic.  This is where your positivity is going save you from yourself.

In order to terminate self destruction mode, use Optimism.  

Sure, you’re seeing success spring up left and right.  It’s just not springing up for you yet and that’s entirely fine.  Those earlier success stories are great for those who are reaping the benefits and you should try to find it in yourself to be happy for them.

Your success is right around the corner and if you let the negativity get to you, it’ll pass right on by.  After all, the only success story founded on grumpiness was written by a cat.


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Catfish Season 2: Episode 5: Dorion & Jeszica


For those of you who aren’t aware: Catfish is a television show of Guess Who game online.

It’s always a gamble when you’re talking to someone online and if you haven’t even met the person on the other end: you could be in for one hell of a surprise.


This week’s episode introduces Dorion, a man with a girlfriend who knowingly accepts that he is in love with a mysterious woman he met online who has a kid.


In her defense, “Jeszica” is beautiful…


“Jeszica” is a hardworking single mother, student, and is pursuing modeling.  She is the wind beneath Dorion’s wings.

However, there is one problem for Dorion… besides the fact that he’s never met “Jeszica”…


Dorion has his girlfriend that he lives with.  Raffinee.

They love each other.


Dorion is aware he does not know who he’s talking to.

And the woman in the images is one of the most copied in terms of fake profiles.

So the odds are not in Dorion’s favor…  but he and his live-in girlfriend, Raffinee, want him to be happy.


Nev and Max to the rescue with their Google Image Searches!

All of the pair’s work brought this mystery to a close.  The real “Jeszica” turned out to be Alexis.

A beautiful, seemingly normal, down-to-earth chick.

Which left Dorion two options to choose from!


In the end, Dorion chooses to stay with his girlfriend!

Let’s just hope it’s not only because all of his stuff is already at her place.