Banging Around the Issue: Are Bangs For You?

Thinking about bangs?  I’m guilty of sitting on the fence about the hair-chopping commitment.  I’ve had bangs and grown them out and had them again.  The look is great for the winter season and anyone can work them.  It’s all  just a matter of finding the perfect style for your face frame. Here are some high-profile… Continue reading Banging Around the Issue: Are Bangs For You?

Ridiculous Celebrity Quotes

We know some celebrities are trying to pass off their life styles as something to buy into *cough cough* Gwyneth Paltrow *cough cough* Blake Lively…  but here are some celebrities who can simply inspire us mortals with their wise words of wisdom.  Wonderful. When it comes to education, President Obama should continue his Jaden Smith… Continue reading Ridiculous Celebrity Quotes

Red Lip: Trend or Tradition?

Red Lipstick.   It’s a tradition. Enough said. Don’t act like it’s “in” this season because it is always in: Deep. Or Light. Hint of Pink. Hint of Orange. Hint of Mauve. With confidence, you can wear it any shade or any day. The second you second-guess the Red Lip, you better wipe it off… Continue reading Red Lip: Trend or Tradition?