Beauty, Fashion, Life Clearance Items! always has a clearance sale going on and this month, I finally decided to indulge.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I haven’t purchased anything “fabulous” since the Summer.  This recent sale was the push that I needed to finally loosen my grip on my wallet… and boy was I glad.

For less than $70.00, I got these closed-toe, ankle-wrap heels:


Brigitte –

This I’m-About-To-Do-Business Bag:


Capital –

And this cross-body clutch that just might fit my Samsung Galaxy s4:


Glimmer –

For less than $25.00 each, these items are a steal.  If you haven’t signed up for yet, the deals you can get for these quality items are extremely reasonable.

And if you feel you aren’t the most stylish, the company gives you a stylist to help you out.  Simply pick out what  your preferences are for a color palette and sizes and BAM.  You just got your dose of fabulous.

I cannot wait for these packages in the mail.  If only JustFab partnered with Amazon and borrowed those drones!


Red Hot Sale Alert:’s Summer Clearance Sale is having their first ever summer clearance sale.  Through taking advantage of this offer, I purchased three pairs of shoes for the price of one normally priced shoe: $39.99.

If you haven’t heard of the site, JustFab “is an online boutique based out of LA that focuses on women’s fashions. ”  I have been a member for a little over a year now and have purchased their shoes and handbags with surpassed expectations.

When becoming a member of the site, they give you personalized selections from their professional stylists.  With tons of style options to choose from, having someone else cater to your tastes brings a lot of the stress out of shopping.


When stealing purchasing your shoes, keep in mind that Fall is right around the corner.

I opted for boots and closed toe shoes, but if you’re in a warmer climate- feel free to indulge in peep- or open-toed shoes.


My bargain items:

The Farisha


The LizetteLizette

The RomyRomy

Hurry while the sale lasts!

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Flash vs. Class: Feminism and Success

Today, my 84-year-old boss came into the office and said, “You stay conservative!  I just saw this woman… this 40-year-old woman…” and then he  proceeded to move his arms around his body in disbelief.


I’m going to assume she looked like this to get my point across.

I understood immediately what he meant with the temperature reaching 100 today in New Jersey.

Concepts that are being severely neglected these days by women, both young and old: Class.  Being conservative.  Being a lady.  Demure.  Less is more.


I mean, look at this role model for instance.

Girls these days are given role models who flash their breasts and demand to be respected.  This is liberating, right?  Wrong.

Being a woman, a strong woman, requires brains and some argue beauty.

Young girls should start off with getting an education.

Go to school, get a degree, and take jobs from the over-paid man.  Yes, I mean the man and the man.

If more women were in political office and making the changes in policies that shape our country, there would be no argument over what healthcare women should be provided with.  There would be no questioning and no redefining what rape is.

But how will this be possible if women are portrayed as “sluts” and “hoes” on every media station?  Shows like Teen Mom and Keeping Up With the Kardashians are celebrating women who sleep around, get sloppy, and act irresponsible for fame.

These women become role models.  The level of exposure they have on young girls is frightening.

Kim Kardashian should not be held up onto any peddle stool:  She was a drunk socialite who leaked her own sex tape for fame and fortune.  Television shows should not be rewarded for bad behavior.


I mean, this is attractive, right?

Our rights as women are being constantly challenged and yet young girls are dressing like “hoes,” which is labeled as very trendy.


These were the wild women and their knees are barely showing.

Sad, isn’t it?

And women are now flashing their breasts in order to gain “freedom.”  FEMEN, I’m talking about you.  Flashing your breasts will not help rape victims and it does not open any doors for the advancement of women.

With massive profits being raked in from Girls Gone Wild and half naked celebrity performances on cable television, your breasts will not be making any changes.  Unless you’ve been gifted with super powered breasts that make change happen.